Leni 2015: it’s very important for local folks to see their government officials during, right after disaster…Leni 2016 while Nina pummeled Bicol: NY vacay

On Monday, December 26, 2016, a meme takes a swipe of Leni Robredo, who was spending her family vacation in New York while the Bicol region was pummeled by the strong typhoon Nina.

The meme reads: “It is very important for local folks to see their government officials during and right after the disaster.”

The interview was done sometime in 2015 by Rappler.

While the Duterte supporters did not bother to question the authenticity of the statement purportedly issued by VP Robredo, her followers doubted Robredo even uttered those words.

Nonetheless, the meme has gone viral when netizens took the pains to share the meme on social media.  As of this writing, the meme has been shared more than 600 times and counting.

The million dollar question is: Did Robredo really say those words?  If the video posted on Rappler.com is to be believed, VP Leni is indeed guilty of being a NATO (No action, talk only) member.

You may watch the video below.

Leni Robredo: Disaster risk management beyond giving relief goodsLiberal Party vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo says giving relief goods is just one part of disaster risk management.

Read full story here: http://rplr.co/1jyoqz8

Posted by Rappler on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Here’s the transcript of the Leni interview below…

You know that’s the disappointment when I became a representative. Um, most of our local officials look, at least in my district, look at disaster risk and management as mere being ready with relief goods when a disaster strikes…and I painstakingly told them that is so much more than this. Um, this is really incorporating, um, all disaster plans into there, you know, into everything because relief is only one part of everything. But the thing we’re doing now is I, is more of a symbol than anything else. It is giving a message to the people that the government is there for them. I, I’ve been in the local scene for so long, my husband was there for so long, it is very important for local folks to see their government officials during and right after the disaster.

The 2015 Leni Robredo statement has come back to haunt her and critics did not waste any seconds to attack the VP when she failed to put her words into action.

Netizen John Mark Lazarte wrote: Talk too much! Act too slow!b Do too little!

Sharon Lim Elijah Sosmeña commented:  Lip service…nag boomerang sa kanya ang sinabi niya.

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