Leni-Kiko supporter calls Davao City “provincial” compared to BGC, major letdown and overhyped, Dabawenyo lawyer responds on Facebook

A Leni-Kiko tandem supporter using the handle @ANNESUVA on badmouthed Davao City on Twitter. Claimed she visited Davao City with great expectations, pictured it to be like BGC or Ayala Alabang but to her surprised, it looked provincial. It was not the highly urbanized metropolis portrayed in the media. It was huge letdown the Leni-Kiko supporter said. @ANNESUVA ended the tweet saying her province is better than Davao City and calling the Davao City hype “FAKE!!!”

On that note, Atty. Ahmed of the Luminous who uses AGP as his pen name on Facebook wrote a brief open letter to Leni Robredo.

In the open letter, Atty. Ahmed wanted to tell Robredo that the antic of one of her supporters is making sure no Dabawenyos would ever vote for the Leni-Kiko tandem.

You may now read Atty. Ahmed’s open letter below.

Dear Mrs. Robredo,

Here is one of your supporters.

She just made sure no Dabawenyo would ever vote for your dumb tandem. All the other candidates are thanking her right about now.

Isn’t she so smart? Just like you.

Here are some of the entertaining and comments from netizens. However, some netizens would prefer to belie the assertion of the Leni-Kiko supporter regarding Davao.

Kulang sa iodized salt pagkain ni iha commented an obviously annoyed netizen.

Kagaya talaga ng kandidato nila, may katangahan! lamented another netizen.

This netizen who lived in Davao City for 6 months said Davao is so amazing especially the food.

Ive been in Davao City for a 6 month assignment about 10 years ago. It is oh so amazing. Blue Post sizzling plates, Rizal fruits and dining, a walk in Magsaysay beach with seafoods galore, and many more. The ever accommodating people who tried so hard speaking Tagalog just to make me comfortable. He missed these. Or he just spoke with bigotry and hatred. 

One netizen admitted that Davao is no BGC or Ayala Alabang but what sets Davao City apart from other cities in the Philippines are its people.

Yes. DAVAO is not AYALA, ALABANG or BGC coz DAVAO is DAVAO. We have no disrespectful taxi drivers, we use pedestrian lanes or footbridge to cross the street and we obey laws. So yeah Davao is not like them.

Nakatira Ako sa Davao city and I will not choose Metro Manila over Davao. Pinagyayabang mo Manila na napaka polluted, overpopulated, crowded, faming kawatan, mga tao Akala mo kung dining napaka modernized person Wala nman kinakain, Ultimo nga mga below earning people ayaw Kumain ng bigas mais aysus wag kami. BGC ka pang nalalaman puro mayaman lng nkatira dyan at for sure itong Leni supporter na ito sa basurahan nakatira Makita sa ugali..


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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