Leni Robredo anyone as your constitutional law professor? Mark Lopez bares “truth” behind VP’s latest viral photo

Yesterday, a “candid” photo of VP Leni Robredo flashing her patented smile in front of students has been making the rounds online.

According to the Philippine Star’s caption, “Robredo surprises law students from the Ateneo de Naga University as she becomes their constitutional professor for a day”.

Credits to The Philippine Star

The photo has elicited mixed reactions from netizens on social media ranging from harsh and overly critical to praise and appreciative of the VP.

Here’s the roundup of the comments from netizens below.

Ivy Kerns:

If i were one of the students..i would want a refund of that wasted 1hr of my tuition. Unless, this was a lesson of WHAT NOT TO BE.

Roland Harry Tempongko Nagtalon:

Are they sure it is a Law class? Notice the colored shirt on the right. Short Sleeved. Kapag Law School alam ko business attire and I don’t mean the dress down type.

Frances Delias Paleng:

she looks so naturally pretty in this photo not to mention genuinely happy ♡

Reynaldo Martinez:

OMG anong LAW kaya ituturo nia utang na loob LUGAW magisipisip ka muna

Santos John Paul:

Parang tanga Lang haha

Camille Cartago:

I’m back! Done with my last class. Anw, We love you, VP Leni! ❤❤

Cris Monteagudo:

It is better to listen to an Angel of democratic institution rather than the lies and verses of Satanic wanna be Dictator.

Jeffrey Gelaga:

Nasemento niyu na po ba maam leni ang bunganga ng mayon?

However, the Facebook post of blogger Mark Lopez alleges Leni Robredo’s viral photo was staged.

It’s up to the public to discern whether his claim is true or not.

On Facebook, Lopez writes:



The VP made a surprise appearance, which is really surprising, because the school populace was not really surprised at all, given that a horde of cameras and security people were all over. 😂😂😂

Now for some juicy details.

What the article failed to mention was that for that session which has a 1 hour slot, the very eloquent VP simply stood in front and smilingly posed for about 45 minutes so that the lead camera man can capture the perfect shot (below), while 10 minutes was dedicated for make-up retouching and 3 minutes for her index card review of what to say.

She ended up lecturing for 2 minutes. Which meant she ended up with asking a student to read the preamble of the Constitution, and that’s it.

Lol 😂


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