Leni Robredo as Ms. Charie Villa’s defense lawyer? Netizen raises the idea in open letter to embattled former ABS-CBN reporter

An open letter urging former ABS-CBN reporter Charie Villa to hire the legal services of defeated Presidential candidate Leni Robredo is gaining support on Facebook from BBM supporters.

Adrian Pascual, broached the idea in the wake of the impending legal battle of Ms. Charie Villa versus social media influencers for after sharing a list of names labeled as “fake news peddlers”.

Pascual wondered that since Ms. Charie Villa and her ilks are so impressed with Leni Robredo, hence they wanted her to succeed President Duterte, why not walk her talk and prove it that until now she is a huge fan of Leni Robredo’s abilities by enlisting the outgoing VP as her defense lawyer?

Pascual remarked that hiring Leni as her defense lawyer is Ms. Villa’s best chance to prove to the 31M+ Filipinos that indeed Leni Robredo is the real TOTGA (THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY).

Pascual ended the brief open letter by swearing that if Ms. Charie Villa hires Leni as her lawyer, it will be fun.

AS of this writing, Pascual’s open letter generated 3700+ reactions, 194 comments and 127 shares in 7 hours and counting.

Netizens seem to approve Adrian Pascual’s idea as shown in the comments below.

One netizen commented urging Ms. Charie to hire Leni as her lawyer.

Go Ma’am charie. Kuhanin nyo po na defense lawyer nyo po si Leni Robredo. Go na po!!!!!

Another wrote saying this is Leni’s chance to showcase her legal brilliance.

A third commented Charie Villa will be in good hands by getting Leni and Kiko as defense lawyers.

Leni and Kiko as lead defense lawyers. Wow. Brilliant litigation lawyers yan. Wag ka kabahan, Charie. You are in good hands. 😁

Let Leni lead the case to showcase her brilliance!

You may now read Adrian Pascual’s open letter below.

Dear Ms. Charie Villa,

Diba bilib na bilib kayo po Ms. Villa kay Leni kaya gusto mo siyang magging pangulo? Patunayan mo ngayon yan at sa hanggang saan ang bilib mo sa kanya sa pagkuha sa kanya as your defense lawyer.

This will be your best chance to prove to the 31M+ Filipinos that she is the real TOTGA.

This will be fun. Promise.

Adrian Pascual

One of the 31M+


Source: Adrian Pascual

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