Leni Robredo caught on cam wearing $700 pair of shoes while visiting typhoon ravaged Bicol sparks new controversy

Goodbye tsinelas! Welcome Salvatore Ferragamo shoes!

Leni’s late husband, Jesse Robredo popularized the cathcy phrase ‘tsinelas leadership’ not only because he was known for wearing slippers but also for spearheading a rural grassroots and poverty alleviation program started by the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, the husband of Vice President Leni Robredo, as Mayor of Naga City.

When Jesse died in a fatal plane crash, Leni carried the torch of her late husband’s tsinelas leadership advocacy.

She also started donning tsinelas (flipflops) even in her duties in Congress when Leni won a seat in a congressional district in CamSur.

She was even photographed exiting the back door in Congress while attending Pnoy’s SONA wearing a lowly tsinelas .

With that image of Leni donning tsinelas even in the halls of Congress mesmerized thousands of gullible Filipinos, thinking that it is for real.

But like every other staged persona, Leni Robredo could not sustain it that long because the Leni wearing a tsinelas image is not the real Leni especially after she won the vice-presidency albeit, in contested way.

The first to go of Leni’s crafted image by her PR handlers was the bus riding Leni. Remember the viral ‘waiting for a bus ride’ photo of Leni Robredo in 2014? Atty. Bruce Rivera already busted that myth.

Second to go is the tsinelas-loving Leni Robredo. Doubt it? Check out the latest photo below shared by the Facebook page Get Real Philippines

According to a commenter, Leni’s pair of shoes is a Salvatore Ferragamo which cost $700 in today’s price.

Did a quick research on Amazon. com and it says, Leni’s shoes costs US$620. Remember that Amazon, being an online shop, is cheaper compared to its competitors having physical shops.

Leni’s photo wearing an expensive pair of shoes has jolted her supporters who defended Leni in the thread opened by Get real Philippines.

Dexter Atizado writes: Wow pati sapatos ni Leni napapansin! Vice President of the Philippines cya gusto nyo magbakya? Presidente nyo turuan nyo magbihis ng disente di parang kanto boy. Di na cya mayor ng Davao. Nakakahiya sa ibang world leaders! Boom balik sa inyo ano haha!

Joshua Dimapilis hits back at Leni’s critics: Can’t people focus on empowering the entire state rather than noticing everyone’s outfit? This don’t make sense. People can wear whatever they want and people like VP has her stylist to look decent whatever the event is. Point is – it is never a crime to wear expensive shoe.

Meanwhile, let us check out what Leni’s critics have to say.

Eric Socrates writes: So much for VP Leni’s ‘tsinelas leadership.’

1. Tsinelas Leadership
The late Jesse Robredo was known for his tsinelas and shorts outfit..Leni also pursues the same advocacy…it was easier for her to approach the people.

2. Keeping Her Feet on the Ground
It’s a commitment for them so they will remain rooted and avoid getting tempted and becoming used to the perks and privileges that comes with the job.

Gus Kitt says:  Why do the idiots vote for her? Why not find a “peoples champion”?? These fake politicians don’t care what happens to “the poor”?
‘Elitists’ cannot be seen in working boots?

What is your reaction on Leni abandoning her tsinelas in exchange for a Salvatore Ferragamo pair of shoes?


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