Leni Robredo supporter and TV host Bianca Gonzales’ tweet in reaction to PBBM’s SONA draws mixed reactions from netizens. Read why!

TV host Bianca Gonzales’ tweet, a known Leni Robredo supporter in the last presidential election, in reaction to PBBM’s first SONA has elicited mixed reactions from netizens.

Why? Because the TV host acknowledged that PBBM’s SONA was good. She said she was hoping the Marcos admin delivers on the promises, for the country. If the Marcos admin succeeds, the country also succeeds.

However, the TV host categorically stated she still wants the Marcoses to be accountable for the stolen wealth and ML human rights abuses.

The part when the TV host said she wants the Marcoses to answer for the stolen wealth and ML human right abuses did not make a lot of Marcos supporters very happy and jumped in the comment section to express their feelings towards the TV host.

One netizen asked if dragging the “stolen wealth and human rights abuses” is necessary. The netizen shared her theory that the TV host is simply playing safe to avoid earning the ire of Leni supporters.

The heck, does she really have to insert ” stolen wealth and human rights abuses?” Para hindi mabash ng todo ganun? She’s playing safe now!

A second netizen asked the TV host if she is in possession of evidence to back up her “stolen” allegation.

A third said that the TV host’s comment was ok but unfortunately, she can’t hide her bitterness.

OK na sana pero bitter parin mga iba nyang linyahan… 🙄

“STOLEN” is such a BIG WORD. May ebidensya ka girl?

Meanwhile, some netizens welcomed Bianca Gonzales’ positive comment on PBBM’s SONA despite being a Leni supporter.

This netizen praised the TV host for doing the right thing.

Ganyan move on para masaya ka sa buhay mo til the end Ms. Bianca you are doing the right thing haha sana all 😇

Another netizen could only hoped that all Kakampinks are like Bianca.

Kung ganito lang sana mentality ng mga kakampink edi ayos


Source: SMNI News

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