Leni Robredo wants mass testing. UP PGH doc retorts, “No thank you Ma’am. I’ll stop complaining about quarantine, says covid-19 test no fun”

There has been a clamor on Twitter for mass testing because they say the best way to address the covid-19 is to follow the lead of South Korea and Vo, Italy wherein the virus has been kept in check. You may click the link to read the story.

Mass testing of the population is necessary to isolate the people positive of the virus from the rest of the population, thus stopping the virus from transmitting to the rest of the population.

The #MassTestingNowPH has trended on Twitter, generating 70,800 tweets as of this writing.

However, if you ask UP PGH Dr. Edsel Salvana, he is for it but he warned people demanding mass testing to be careful what they wished for because doing the corona swab isn’t the painless, walk in the park procedure most people thinks.

Dr. Salvana tweeted:

While I’m a huge fan of testing in general, getting a nasopharyngeal swab done is like having a Q-tip stabbed into the middle of your brain. Repeat test?

No thank you Ma’am. I’ll stop complaining about quarantine, Ma’am. #notfun#COVID19#testingblues

To give us an idea what Dr. Salvana was talking about, a Twitter netizen replied with a graphic picture how the corona swab is done.

Meanwhile on Facebook, this netizen commented that the procedure is very uncomfortable indeed. “That is true, it really hurts…And I’ve been tested twice and that does not stop there. I have to mandatory retest every week.”

BTW, one of the prominent politicians demanding mass testing at the community level is VP Leni Robredo. [GMA News]

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