Leni Robredo’s AFP ‘not perfect but independent’ statement prompts socmed influencer to tell VP to review PH Constitution

It appears Leni Robredo is on a roll lately!

However, not in a good way.

First, it was the hadouken-inspired campaign Tiktok video that put the Vice President on the headline in social media.

Lately, the Vice President was quoted saying the AFP may not be perfect but independent!

The Vice President’s the “AFP may not be perfect but independent” statement did not escape the radar of the VP’s critics.

Speaking of which, staunch Duterte supporter and defender MJ Quiambao Reyes wasted no time and took to Facebook to call the attention of the Vice President.

On Facebook, Reyes called the attention of Leni Robredo to highlight her poor knowledge of the Constitution.

Madam, baka naman non partisan or apolitical ang ibig mong tukuyin – not independent. AFP is not an independent body. They have the President as their Commander in Chief. You might want to review our Constitution. 😜🤭

Let us read the comments below and see how netizens react to Reyes’ FB post.

that’s what happens when you try hard to be relevant just to impress for the sake of getting votes but you don’t really know what you’re talking about…and to think that she’s supposed to be the vp and yet doesn’t know the Philippine constitution?

Could somebody tell her PR team to coach her and take a moment and analyze on what she will about to say first before opening her mouth. Imagine talking like this in a world forum.

A so called VP and a lawyer kuno of the Philippines doesn’t know the Philippine Constitution , what a disgrace!! 🤣🤣🤣

I‘m really wondering kung talagang pumasa sya sa pagka Abogada?? Madam magpa Drug Test Po kayo kc di ko alam kung High ho kayo lagi o talagang lagi lang lutang ang isip nyo sa kakaisip kung papano nyo mapa disqualify si BBM at Kung papano kayo nanalong Presidente na Walang tulong ng Smartmatic?? OMG😜😜😜

She believes that being Vice President, she is the Deputy or Vice Commander-in-Chief of the AFP. For your information and education Madame Robredo, the AFP has only one Commander-in-Chief, the President of the Philippines. Nowhere in the Constitution of the Philippines does it provide that the Vice President of the Philippines is the Deputy or Vice Commander-in-Chief of the AFP. You are supposed to be a lawyer, so you know and ought to know this.

How can this woman convince me to waste my vote on her??Each time she speaks, I end up either irritated or lost, sorry but just being honest here…


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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