Leni Robredo’s daughter Tricia draws flak on social media after her tweet accusing Duterte admin of using health issues for personal political wars?

Leni Robredo’s daughter Tricia has been drawing comparison to her Mom not her looks (Sorry Tricia) but the Mom’s habit to comment on issues without giving it much thought?

Tricia Robreo earned the ire of Duterte supporters following a recent tweet accusing the Duterte admin of running a nation with fear and fake news and use health issues for personal political wars. She asked who are the biggest losers but those who believe in the promise for change?

“Mema” , “feelingera” and “commenting without substance” has been used to describe the younger Robredo by Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu in her Facebook post on 20 September 2019.

An apparently annoyed Krizette Chu has taken to Facebook castigating the younger Robredo for making unfounded allegations versus the administration for the sake of criticizing.

To the consternation of Krizette, the younger Robredo did not make an effort to do her research. If she did, Tricia was vapid as her Mom.

Krizette then gave Tricia Robredo a lecture that measles outbreak isn’t unique to the Philippines but around the world since 2017, not this year as Tricia would like the public to believe.

And speaking of polio, Krizette informed Tricia that in 2018, the WHO (World Health Organization) has already issued a warning of the resurgence of polio worldwide, with countries reporting polio cases.

Krizette, in an emphatic statement, told Tricia Robredo that it only takes one patient to be diagnosed for it to be called an outbreak because of the ration and how it has been eradicated in many of the 125 countries it was endemic in? Just one reported case is all it needs to have an outbreak if the population is unvaccinated in any country.

Moving forward, Krizette remarked that Tricia is indeed Leni’s daughter because both love to comment without offering any substance.

Krizette arrived with the conclusion because even health issues, Duterte is being blamed. Krizette said she relieved Tricia did not blame the meningo scare in Mindanao to Duterte. Or perhaps she din’t know.

Krizette retaliated that if there was someone who politicized the health issues, it’s her and her stupid Mom because of instead of helping, they want to destabilize, play the blame game and is if the Liberal Party of her Mom have done something useful. Krizette advised Tricia to know her place.

Krizette can’t help but ask if Tricia have political plans for 2022 that’s is why she wants to stay relevant? Krizette told Tricia to learn how to read rather than talk a lot so that her mother have some use.

Kasing mema at feelingera ng nanay nya.

All in one year talaga? Ngayon lang nabalitaan?

Measles outbreak all over the world this year. Not just in the PH, even in the US. In 2017, there were 110,000 deaths worldwide over measles. The PH barely made a dent.

In 2018, the WHO has already warned—and even met—about the resurgence of polio worldwide, with countries reporting polio cases. Do you know that it only takes one polio patient to be diagnosed for it to be considered an outbreak, because of ratio and how it has been eradicated in many of the 125 countries it was endemic in?
One patient is all a country needs to have an outbreak if population is not vaccinated.

In 2018, WHO has already recorded 27 cases, but that’s up from 2017’s 22 cases—which worried health professionals greatly because that means that instead of complete eradication, which was the worldwide trend, there is “stagnation” and even increase in a disease the world considered nearly eradicated. There was an upward trend, when there should be eradication.

So in 2019, of course it’s only normal that there will be more cases, and the PH as a country with lots of OFWs and travelers is vulnerable to infection. QAQA.

In 2014, WHO already designated polio as “public health emergency of national concern.” Five years ago ha… the WHO already got alarming info that polio in some countries was already coming back. Kung hindi ka memang namumulitika lang, you would have found out by reading.

Dengue could be managed better by DOH, but dengue is a year round disease, every year, with cyclical peaks. Dengue, if Tricia Robredo isn’t as vapid as her mom, is no longer considered an outbreak but as a year-round disease. Many Southeast Asian countries are also grappling with the disease, and ratio of population to patient, are even more affected.

Mana mana lang. Pareho ng nanay nya na puro comment walang sustansya.

Pati ba naman health issues, kasalanan ni Duterte. Buti yung meningo scare sa Mindanao hindi mo ginamit… or baka di mo alam.

Kung meron mang namumulitika sa Health issues ng bansa, kayo yan ng bobo mong nanay. Kasi Imbes na tumulong kayo, destabilize kayo ng destabilize, blame kayo ng blame, akala nyo naman may silbi yung partido ng nanay mo. Lugar lugar gurl.

Takbo ka sa 2022 girl kaya pa relevant ka? Matuto ka kayang magbasa muna. Dami mong kuda girl, para namang may silbi Yang nanay mo.

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Source: Krizette Chu

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