Leni Robredo’s guesting at Fil-Am Symphony Orchestra’s fundraising gala causes scandal among members? An insider says so!

While Leni Robredo was all smiles in the photos taken during a Fil-Am fundraising event in the US, what happened behind the scenes, tells a different story.

Credits to Vivian Velez

Social media blogger Mark Lopez took to Facebook to announce the mess Robredo created for guesting at the Filipino American Symphony Orchestra fundraising event recently.

Lopez divulged that an insider from FASO relayed him the news, perhaps the informer is not a big fan of Robredo and only wanted to inform the public and feed more fuel to the backlash that the Vice President has been getting online for partying while Marawi burning.

According to Lopezes informant, some members were against Robredo’s presence while some relented because they want to get into the good graces of the multi millionaire widow.

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Was it WAC or we are collective who once stated “Nothing stays buried forever?”

And so my my dear peeps of the Philippines, there is now chaos within the group Filipino American Symphony Orcehstra or FASO because of the Leni Robredo guesting.

You see, the June 17 fundraising gala was supposed to be one of the biggest nights ever of the org, and the members pulled out all the stops to make it a really glitzy and glamorous affair, including holding it in an iconic Hollywood venue.

All supposedly for MUSIC.
… and then came the stunner —
… members were supposedly outraged when it was alleged that one of the benefactors of FASO, Royce Nuyda insisted on guesting Leni Robredo, at the behest of Ms Nuyda’s BFF Loida Nicolas Lewis.

And because most of the FASO leadership are allied with Ms Lewis, or are said to be wanting to get into the good graces of the multi millionaire widow, they relented.
And this is now causing the rift among FASO members and sympathizers, with some of them protesting by returning their tickets and refusing to attend the gala.

Please note that the original invite materials did not indicate the guesting of the VP.
Other Fil-Am guests were said to be horrified during the actual event when it descended to a political activity due to Leni’s presence and her speech.

What made the situation worse was a gathering of other Fil Ams who staged a protest rally outside of the venue proper, again because Leni was there.

Please note that all of these info were relayed to us by FASO insiders, and if there is anyone out there, including Ms Nuyda and a certain Ms Villavicencio, who would like to dispute the allegations, please feel free to comment on this page, or contact the page owner.

We are more than willing to hear your side of the story.

BTW, thanks to “Big Bird” of Sesame Street fame for the inside track… 😂
Ahhh social media! You are indeed the great equalizer! 😬


Note: Robredo’s name did not appear in the invitation card sent to guests.

Credits to Vivian Velez

Let us read the angry comments of netizens.

Leri Velasco Serafico wrote: “The fake VP Leni is using the event as a front, she is there for another reason. Making her the special guest just to justify her expenses! These educated people are really stupid thinking it will work to hide her political agenda for this useless fakevp! It is very clear of her ill motives! Burn you f?$&k girl”

Ching Montellano remarked: “Nasisira ang maganda adhikain ng isang org pag kinulayan ng politika😂 Leni should learn her lesson hindi sya katangap tangap ng ibang Filipino kaya’y wag ng ipagsiksikan ang sarili. Minsan mag decline din ng invitation😜”

Ly M Seve said: “Self deterioration, kc peke ang hangarin. What a mayhem amongst them! Bk hinde n yan break-even, loss n yan….”

What say you?


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