Leni Robredo’s idea of Public Service is a venue for the recitation of her nursery-level discoveries — Atty. Ahmed

Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan of the Luminous did not let the opportunity to pass without commenting on VP Leni Robredo statement questioning government borrowings or taking loans when the DOH even have unspent funds.

Robredo said that it’s a fact the government have plenty of debts now. So her question is, why do we take loans when the government are awash with funds that are still unspent? Because when the government borrow money, everyday we are paying for the interest of our loans.

Moving forward, Atty. Ahmed began by explaining to Robredo the difference between borrowing and taxes without elaborating it further.

Borrowing is the lifeboat of the state. Taxes, its lifeblood.

Atty. Ahmed lamented that Leni Robredo has a twisted idea of Public Service.

Leni Robredo’s idea of Public Service is a venue for the recitation of her nursery-level discoveries.

Atty. Ahmed remarked that any government should remain free from the likes of Robredo.

Any government should never be sullied by such monumental idiocy.

Not even for a single day, Atty. Ahmed argued.

Atty. Ahmed’s brief but very strong rebuke of Leni Robredo has been a huge hit among his followers, 4,400+ netizen hit the “laugh’ emoji out of the total 6,561 reactions, 1,300+ netizens commented and 300+ netizens shared it on Facebook.

Netizens jumped into the comment section to share what they think of Leni Robredo’s statement.

“I have to read it again. Non sense!” the first commenter said.

“The government cycle starts with borrowing and ends with taxes not the other way around. Or maybe all Dilawans especially those executives of big companies want to pay their taxes 1 year in advance so that Lugaw Leni will not have to borrow¬†🤔 commented another.

“If she does not know the answer to those questions, then what makes her qualified to run?” asked another.

“When will your mouth ever close, madam? It’s prrd’s last few months and you’re still at it, still attacking him. Cant you realize that you cannot unseat him so that you can take over? Cant you realize that no matter how you attack him it doesnt change our feelings towards the president? You have invested too much in criticism and hatred which will only lead you to a fall. Take counsel,” chimed in another.

IMO, this netizen articulated what many netizens think after reading Leni Robredo’s statement.

“My day is now ruined just reading her statement. I am wondering how on earth she became a lawyer. Breath in breath out..breath in breath out.”

Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan


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