Leni Robredo’s not following dress code while on visit in Saudi Arabia draws flak on social media?

A photo of Leni Robredo not following the dress code while on visit in Saudi Arabia has been getting the flak on social media.

Lawyer Bruce Rivera reprimanded the Vice-President for showing insensitivity to the Muslim culture.

Rivera wrote that Robredo’s action is an insult not just to her host country (or even its embassy in the Philippines) Saudi Arabia but to the Filipino Muslims she represent.

Rivera said he doubt Robredo can be President when the public cannot even rely on her sensitivities and good taste?

Madame VP,

I should be the last person saying this being very fashion forward and a bit risque but as Vice President of the Philippines, you represent the country and its sensibilities.

The Philippines has a Muslim population hence, there is no excuse for you to be insensitive to Muslim culture. The Kingdom of Saud Arabia (or even its embassy in the Philippines) is a Muslim state with very strict religious dress code. As their guest, the least you can do is dress properly or dress like a dignitary and not someone who will be attending a party.

Even if there was a skin-toned slip underneath that dress, it is still considered improper if you are visiting a Muslim country especially if you are representing the Philippines where Muslims are part of the people you represent. It is not only an insult to your host but also an insult to the Filipino Muslims you represent.

How can you be President if we cannot even rely on you sensitivities and good taste.

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera
Christopher Bong Go
Martin Andanar
Lorraine Marie T. Badoy
Sara Zimmerman Duterte

Check out the photos of Robredo that started the controversy.

To see the additional photos, please scroll down below and visit the OP’s FB post.

However, some netizens claimed the photo was taken inside the Saudi Embassy in Makati.

Netizen Faye Celeste pointed out the photo was taken in the Saudi Embassy in the Philippines. However, the netizen said she still find Robredo’s outfit improper.

Saudi embassy daw Ito sa pinas. But still, I find it improper dahil Kung Tayo nga dumalaw SA Lugar SA pinas na majority Muslim nagtatakip Tayo NG buhok bilang pag galang SA Saudi embassy pa Kaya Hindi Niya pakitaan ng respeto SA kanilang kultura?

Archie Albaño slammed Robredo for showing insensitivity to the Muslim culture.

Fashionista ang ale! Wala ba talagang sensibilidad eto? I’ve been here in the UAE for more than 10 years na, and in formal gathering, never have I seen women showing skin especially if there will be locals attending! Huwaw, ambilibabol! 😫

Princess Rania DC Abdulla couldn’t help but lament that if this was Mocha Uson, the she would have been bashed by now.

Hay nku madam leni shame on u..nun c ms.mocha ang nkaabaya marami pumuna sknya bat balot na balot nun ngvisit..ngyon VP tas ganyan prang sapin lang ng table ang suot mo bsta mkapagsuot lang ng kulay green..fashionista ba..sino designer nya di nasabihan sa KSA conservatives country po ang punta ndi sa ballroom ..nkakahiya.

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