Leni Robredo’s “we hope the ruins of Marawi will be preserved” statement made fun in social media?

We hope the ruins of Marawi will be preserved because they will serve like the monument for the bravery of our soldiers and the residents of Marawi.

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This is the statement of Leni Robredo when asked by a Philippine Daily Inquirer reporter on how to move forward after the Marawi war.

Leni Robredo’s statement has been met with ridicule and disbelief on social media.

Social media blogger and Robredo critic Mark Lopez posted a status update on Facebook making a mockery out of the VP’s outrageous statement entitled, “The Ruins of Robredo” to entertain his Facebook followers.


Let me get this straight –

In order to be reminded of heroism and bravery, what we need to do is to preserve ruins and the ravage of war?

Seriously Leni? That’s how “deep” your thought process is?

I mean do we want to be constantly reminded of RUIN? Of Devastation? Of Atrocity? Is it really necessary to see on a daily basis, the brutality of an armed conflict?
Will that even be cathartic?

Or will it be constantly traumatic?

Is it not better that we rebuild immediately? Is it not better that rather than ruin, we showcase resiliency? That instead of preserving wreck, we pursue recovery?

Instead of waking up and seeing savagery, is it not a better alternative to see the sun rise on a lively community that is on its way to peace and progress?

A bullet-riddled building or remnants of a bombed out temple is not a symbol of bravery and heroism. They are actually painful reminders of the horrors of war.

Bravery and heroism can never be symbolized by ruin.

It will be epitomized by those who fought gallantly and perished in resolute defense of the motherland.

And bravery and heroism will remain etched in the hearts and minds of those who have witnessed… and those who have survived.

It is never meant to be seen.

It only needs to endure.


Lopez punctuated the post with the hashtags:


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