Leni Robredo’s “well-oiled infrastructure” comment draws wicked but amusing reaction in social media

This will go down in history as one of VP Leni Robredo’s greatest lines.

This is the caption written by RJ Nieto aka “Thinking Pinoy” to describe Leni Robredo’s latest installment of unforgettable lines that hit the internet to date.


Robredo was referring to her online bashers.

Credits Thinking Pinoy for the meme.

However, the second part of the caption shows what RJ Nieto really feel towards Robredo’s statement.

“I can’t help but be amazed by her lack of IQ. The wording is comedy gold”

While RJ Nieto’s comment can be described as harsh, wait until you read to comments online in reaction to Robredo’s comment.

Joseph Indefenso remarked that those who voted for Robredo were oiled PCOS machines, alluding to allegation the VP won with the help of the PCOS machines. “Madam yung bomoto nga sayo nung election hindi rin tao…kakaunti lng din ang percent na totoong tao… Well oiled PCOS Machine…”

Netizen Vin Asi echoed Joseph Indefenso’s sentiment. “Kaya pala nanalo ka ng pag ka VP Leni Robredo kasi Oiled PCOS MACHINE”

Henry Chan said: “Parang yun bumoto sa kanya… kaunting percentage lang yun totoong tao”

While Miea Isugan joked the Robredo’s haters aren’t well-oiled infrastructure, but well-oiled stupidity. “Well oiled ang kabobahan”

LhnJhm Bermido laughed at Robredo’s word of wisdom. “Tinitira talaga 😂 wow madam what a word of wisdom haha!”

Netizen Dune Francisco Nepomuceno belied Robredo’s haters are well-oiled machine but real human beings, not aliens. “Tunay po kaming tao at di po kami fake at lalo di po kami mga alien.”

Anne Mendoza slammed Leni for having the audacity to say such statement when her radio program could not even get 100 views. “Nagsalita ang walang silbi…. Kung ang radio program mo nga hindi umaabot ng 100 ang views, tpos ang lakas ng apog mo mgsalita ng ganyan. “Lami kusion sa imong bugan.”

Notably, many netizens are into green humor to express themselves that some people may find inappropriate.

Anyway, you may click the link below if if green humor is for you.

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