Leni to DSWD? Dilawan supporter says she would only believe message of unity if BBM appoints Opposition leaders to his cabinet

A supporter of Leni Robredo on Twitter using the profile name Maldita of Manila is testing Presumptive President BBM’s message of UNITY by asking him to appoint known personalities from the ranks of the Dilawans like Leni, Kiko, Roxas and Bam. Otherwise, she is not buying Marcos’ message of unity.

BTW, Mar and Bam are not covered by the appointment ban because they did not run in this election.

In that regard, Atty. Ahmed of the Luminous can’t resist the urge to figuratively slap the Twitter netizen with the Constitution out of frustration. Why?

Atty. Ahmed wondered if Maldita of Manila read the Philippine Constitution because if she did, she would know that President has the sole power to appoint members of the cabinet.

According to Atty. Ahmed, the Constitution did not say that the President is obliged to appoint people oppose of the administration. In addition, the Constitution did not state that the President may appoint stupid losers in the election.

Atty. Ahmed said that perhaps Maldita of Manila does not understand the meaning of democracy. Think about it she insist in appointing people who were rejected by the public.

Atty. Ahmed joked that perhaps Maldita of Manila has forgot to take her meals. This is indeed not easy. When your head empty is and you are way past dinner time.

Atty. Ahmed ended the FB post by making a joke that anytime soon Maldita of Manila will soon change her name to Maldita of Mandaluyong.

You may now read Atty. Ahmed’s FB post below.

Nagbasa kaya ito ng Constitution natin?

Kasi nung binasa ko, ang sabi ay ang Pangulo ang may power to appoint members of his cabinet.

Walang sinabi tungkol sa isang babae na pwede magdemand na i-appoint ang mga taong sumasalungat sa administration nya. Wala ring sinabi na pwede nyang ipa-appoint ay mga tanga na natalo sa eleksyon.

Di yata nya alam anong meaning ng demokrasya, no? Mantakin mo ba namang ipilit ipa-appoint ang mga taong ni-reject ng taongbayan.

Hmmm. Gutom to si ate. Mahirap talaga yung ganun. Wala na ngang laman ang ulo, nalipasan pa ng gutom ang tyan.


Magiging Maldita of Mandaluyong ang name netong isang to. Malapit na, sa wari ko.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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