“Let’s just try to get along as best as we can” —Ex-DLSU prof’s advice to gov’t, Filipinos

“Meron bang tunay na Pilipino na natutuwa na binabakuran ng Tsina ang West Philippine Sea?”

This is the thought-provoking question posed by ex-DLSU History Van Ybiernas to open his latest FB post on the hotly debated topic lately on social media, the latest round of tension in the Spratly involving China and the Philippines.

Ybiernas answered his own question in the negative.

No true Filipinos are happy with China. In fact, all true Filipinos are angry.

No matter what emotions we feel towards China, does our emotion help the situation any better? Does it change a thing?

Whether we are angry or happy, cry or laugh, pray or cuss about their actions in the WPS, Ybiernas reckoned our emotions will not diminish China’s military might.

In addition, nothing will change in the West Philippine Sea overnight because China will continue to be a world power. Ybiernas sees changes in the next 20, 30 or 50 years if the country’s military has build enough muscle to support whatever action we will make in the West Philippine Sea.

But since we are weak – a product of years of neglect – our options are limited.

And no matter what agitation stunts the Dilaw, ABS-CBN, Rappler and whoever pull off, nothing will change.

On people asking why the Philippines refuses to ask help from the US or International community? Ybiernas asked why would we? Did these countries gave us any reason to hope in the last 20 years as proof that they can be relied upon?

Ybiernas recalled what happened in Panatag Shoal in 2012 and followed it up with the question, do we still have the reason to trust the United States after leaving the PNoy admin hanging in air?

Ybiernas urged readers to answer.

“What needs to be done?” Ybiernas asked.

Simple. “We need to buy time,” Ybiernas answered by borrowing a favorite phrase of Americans. We need time to make our country strong.

Challenging China won’t help now because even at the time of the PNoy admin, challenging China did not help. We can’t stop China from erecting structures in the ocean even before 2016.

Ybiernas reiterated that the country needs to bide our time. While time is not on our side, let’s us just try to get along with China as best as we can.

Ybiernas ended the FB post by borrowing a line from Sharon Cuneta’s movie: “bukas (pa) luluhod ang mga tala (kasi kulang pa ang ating lakas ngayon).


Source: Van Ybiernas

Meron bang tunay na Pilipino na natutuwa na binabakuran ng Tsina ang West Philippine Sea? Siyempre lahat ng tunay na…

Posted by Van Ybiernas on Friday, April 9, 2021

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