Let’s move past our Schadenfreude now as LPinks cry into their bowl of lugaw —Manila Bulletin writer after PRRD’s senate bid became official

Let’s move past our Schadenfreude now as LPinks cry into their bowl of lugaw.

This is the appeal of Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu or KLC to the Duterte supporters after news of President Duterte’s senate bid has been confirmed, stunning netizens on Facebook and the internet in general.

Now with Prrd in the Senate he can continue what he promised us as President—exploring the shift towards Federal-Parliamentary, Chu added.

Thank You Universe for this gift ❤️a grateful Chu quipped.

In hindsight, Chu said that Sara not running for President was a blessing in disguised. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have a Senator Duterte.

In the end it worked out better—because if Sara ran for President we wouldn’t have a Senator Duterte.

And Sara as VP now means another President named Duterte is possible.

And Sara as VP now means a possible President Sara in the future.

Things always happen for a reason and we always have to make do with the circumstances given to us, Chu’s switched role from political analyst to counselor for a brief moment.


Chu ended the FB post by urging netizens not get affected with the political dramas unfold before their eyes.

Sabi ko kasi sa inyo wag kayo ma stress. Look at me, never na stress. At all. Drama ko lang din yun. Like PRRD.

Chu’s FB post has generated mixed reactions from her FB followers.

Kung buhay si Sun Tzu, hilong hilo rin siguro sa mga nangyayari. Hehe. One netizen joked.

Another said this gesture from President Duterte showed how much he loves Sara.

PRRD now has all bases covered. By running as senator, he has made sure to put safety nets for any untoward machinations in the executive and legislative branches. Ang galing galing nya talaga. And mahal na mahal nya talaga si Sara.

This netizen believes Sara as future DILG Secretary will bring back the respect the OVP deserves.

Sara for DILG Secretary in the future after being elected as VP! Imagine having control over LGUs and PNP! She will bring back the respect the OVP deserves. 😊😊😊

For sure lugmok na naman mga pinklawans nahilo sila kakasunod at kakaabang sa mangyayari since day ng pag file ng COC until today, malay natin last minute mag back out na c Sen. Bong Go eh di sure win na BBM-SARA nyarn, sana naman mangyari yun, this netizen put forward a final theory regarding Bong Go.


Source: Krizette Chu

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