Liberal Party’s 2019 “The Resistance” senatorial line-up meets stiff resistance on social media, mocking remarks

The opposition Liberal Party has just floated their possible line-up for the 2019 national election on social media and the reception has been mixed.

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While LP supporters warmly embrace the possible line-up like Wella G. Oliveros who commented, “Very reputable, smart and professional line up for senators.”

And Mags Era who wrote, “At least me mga paninindigan at prinsipyo hnd basta sunod sunuran lng, Yan dapat ang mga iboto.”

Ling-ay DaguitanMelchor Banasan “Pag sila ang maluklok bilang senators natin, I can sleep safe and sound because I know our motherland will be in good hands”

But note that some LP supporters like Vrix Bryan Aram have reservations for the LP line-up.

“Goosebumps ako may Sereno na may Davide pa at Hilbay. Ewan ko lang kung hindi gumanda ang mga batas sa Pilipinas. Halos lahat maayos.
Kikilalanin ko pa yung iba baka maconvince ako.

Parang Bouble patty Burger na quarter pounder with Large Fries and Drink!”

Same goes with Marie Barcelon who expressed her preference to only three of the 14 in the list. “Yes to Bam Aquino! Yes to Florin Hilbay and yes to Ma Lourdes Sereno!”

Meanwhile, netizens like Boyong Loyd MaƱalac jeered at LP’s possible senatorial line-up. “Buti nalang naglabas na sila nang listahan nang mga posibleng kakandidato sa LP para malaman nang mamayan ang mga di dapat iboto.. .hehe ayoss.. .

Netizen Jessie Sonio Cabana called LP’s line-up trash. “Hehehe,Walang mananalo sa line up nila,sure yan puro patapon..”

Jhun Costes made fun of LP’s choices of candidates, “naku po..ang line up na eto bagay sa ….
Planets of the Apes hahaja”

Meanwhile, Manila Bulletin editor and writer Krizette Laureta Chu thinks LP’s senatorial line-up is a reflection of how low they regard the Filipino people.

Chu remarked that if indeed these were LP’s senatorial bets, Duterte will rule forever.

Chu went on to single out 7 of the 18 in the list and wrote a brief overview to dissuade voters from giving their votes to the especially mentioned names.

She ended the post by saying that Bong Go has far more administrative experience than Leah, Agot, Jim, and Dingdong combined.

Dear Philippines,

This is how low the Liberal Party thinks of you and your precious vote.

Agot Isidro, just because she was a vocal critic. And not even an intellectual one, just ad hominems.

Dingdong Dantes, who was busy with being Pnoy’s poster boy in the last administration.

Edwin Lacierda, who as a spokesman blocked people who commented on his wall complaining about the Aquino administration, DURING the Aquino administration.

Leah FUCKING Navarro, lol. Bibong Adarna.

Mar Roxas. Because YOLANDA was not enough, and we all want to replicate his success as a very decisive leader all over the Philippines, or wherever natural disasters strike. lol.

JIM FUCKING PAREDES, who may or may not have Australian citizenship with children who may or may not be longer be Filipinos and whose greatest achievement is singing.

Sereno, who doesn’t know how to follow rules and who was plucked out of nowhere by Aquino, who gleefully bypassed other justices because she has no qualms, decency, sense of fairness, and scruples. And now she wants to be a senator.

And a ragtag crew of the country’s selfish and undeserving destabilizers who only want the old status quo back.

O mga bashers, sasabihin nyo what about Bong Go? Bong Go has more administrative experience than Leah, Agot, Jim, and Dingdong combined.

With this lineup, Duterte will rule forever.

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