Liza Dino lambasts PDI article ridiculing the “English ineptness” of a Duterte appointee

A post castigating a popular broadsheet for wasting newspaper space to highlight the English inadequacy of a Duterte appointee is making the rounds online.

For the benefit of the uninitiated, the Philippine Daily Inquirer ran an article lampooning the English proficiency of a Duterte supporter and newly-appointed AVP of PAGCOR, Mr. Jimmy Bondoc.

The singer-songwriter posted his credentials online in response to critics who questioned his appointment as AVP of PAGCOR.

The PDI article dated July 13, 2016, circled on this particular phrase “from the cradle to the grave” on the Facebook post of Mr. Bondoc, in an effort to brushed aside critics by telling them that he attended Ateneo from prep to college.

The PDI article pointed out that the phrase “from the cradle to the grave”—part of the lyrics in “All I Want Is You,” a song by the Irish band U2 from its 1988 album “Rattle and Hum”—is actually an idiomatic expression which the dictionary defines as, “from birth to death.”

“A person does not start going to school until about age 4, definitely not on the day he/she is born. And the normal age when a student graduates from college is 21—widely regarded as the start of the years that define one’s youth, certainly not one’s twilight years,” continued the PDI article. Check out the full text of the PDI article here.

The PDI article angered the friends and fellow Duterte supporters of Mr. Bondoc who finds the post malicious.

One notable Duterte supporters who willingly walked the extra mile to defend him is MS. Liza Dino, actress and partner of singer Aiza Seguerra.

In a Facebook post, Ms. Dino condemned the Philippine Daily Inquirer for singling out the English grammar proficiency of the singer-songwriter and argued that mastery of the English language is not the sole barometer of one’s abilities.

Please read the full text of Ms. Dino’s post below.

So what is the point of this article nga? Is it to intentionally SHAME the supposedly “ineptness” of Jimmy Bondoc with his grasp of the English Language ? For what purpose? To discredit him? Wow.

Napakababaw naman yata ng pagkakahulugan natin ngayon sa mga bagay-bagay and quite frankly, napakairesponsable lalo kung galing sa inyong mga manunulat ng pahayagan, A MAJOR BROADSHEET FOR THAT MATTER (o’ english yan!)

He may have “misused” some idiomatic phrases to express his point but kailangan ba talagang i-break down ang mga sinabi nya?para ano? Para maprove mong bobo ang isang tao? This article is so MALICIOUS. Halatang the whole point is to put him to shame. Maiintindihan ko kung blog ito pero Philippine Daily Inquirer ka eh.

Sorry but I don’t understand why you have to go out of your way to write an entire article to spell out one’s grammatical errors when ang point out naman ng tao sa post nya eh mapaintindi ang intensyon nya sa trabahong gagampanan nya ngayon.

Hindi sya technical writer o journalist na katulad mo para maging proficient sa English. Maraming Pilipino ang hindi bihasa sa Ingles pero nagtatagumpay sa mga ginagawa nila! Hindi basehan ang GRAMMAR para masukat ang galing ng isang tao.

Wag masyadong mataas. Ikaw ang kahiya-hiya sa kababawan ng konteksto mo.
Pointless and utterly CRASS.👎🏼

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