Listen: Scammer call would be victims, demand money but promise to spare victims life, in exchange for money

Spare yourself the trouble by not picking up the phone when someone calls you from an unrecognized number. Here’s why.

There is a scammer in the loose who introduces himself as a leader of gun-for-hire group, tells would be victim that he or she has a price on one’s head.

Once you hear this line, please do yourself a favor and hang up the phone. Otherwise, you will go through the same terror that a lady physician went through recently.

Here’s the original post from Facebook user Guillermo Manalo Jr, a specialist doctor from the Philippine Heart Center warning the public about this scam.

Update on this post:
I have replaced the video with just the audio because the video has been submitted to NBI for processing. If you receive similar calls, please report at once to the NBI Anti-Organized and Transnational Crime Division or the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group at 414-1560.

Original Post:
Please watch this video and be warned. This was shared in both our St. Luke’s and NKTI Viber groups. The driver is a lady physician belonging to a specialty society and their mobile numbers (the physician victims) were apparently obtained from their specialty directory posted in their website. The members of the society subsequently got similar calls like this.

Criminal elements in our society have now really become godless and demonic because as the President said, he estimates 40% of our police force are now involved in illegal activities including these high-end extortions and kidnapping for ransom. When the President ordered the suspension of the tokhang operations, it was immediately noted (by Sen. Lacson) that there was not a single report of drug-related killing so the police contention that some of these killings are vigilante killings is not true.

You may listen to the audio recording of the conversation between the scammer and the lady physician below.

Please share this to warn the public!

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