Listen what Mama Meldy says when she receives a special gift from President-elect BBM at the holding room in Batasan Pambansa

A video uploaded on Tiktok showing the special moment between mother and son, Mama Meldy and President-elect Bongbong Marcos Jr. (BBM) has melted the hearts of netizens.

In the video, President-elect BBM can be seen presenting his Mama Meldy a special gift, the official certificate from Congress declaring he is the 17th President of the Philippine Republic.

After inspecting the “special gift” for a few seconds, Mama Meldy knew it was something she dreamt of for the last 30 years and quipped, “I have two presidents!”

The onlookers exclaimed, “WOW” in unison.

President-elect BBM can only shake his head, like he was still in disbelief that he just made her Mama and Papa proud!

President-elect BBM quickly gathered himself after the very emotional scene with his Mama Meldy and said: “Sa inyo naman ang lahat kay Daddy ito!”

Here’s how Tiktok reacts in the comment section.

One netizen said that the very touching video of Madam Imelda and BBM made her cry.

FEM is so proud of you our president BBM, long live the queen mommy imelda!❤️💚🇵🇭🤗😘🥰 this makes me cry

A second netizen could only wished FEM was alive today and she knew he would be so happy for his son.

if only fem is alive today , i know he will be so happy for his only son . Mama meldy looks so proud ☹️🤍

A third commented that Mama Meldy will have more Presidents.

Madam Imelda You will have more President 🥰🥰🥰

A fourth remarked that this is a proud moment for Imelda because she fought and stood strong.

What a proud mom, for so many year’s you fought a fight and stand strong Mam Imelda.. Fem will be remembered as a genius president ❤️🇵🇭

A fifth said this is the best feeling for a Mom to witness the feats of her kids.

the best feeling for a mom is to see the achievements of her kids. touching moment 🥰🥰🥰

@3rdferdinand i know fem so proud of you PBBM♥️ #presidentbbm #pbbm #imeldamarcos #fyp ♬ suara asli – gabut woi


Source: Darwin Canete

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