Local reporter slams international media for poor translation job, resulting in Duterte-Obama rift

A viral post reprimanding the international media for doing a poor translation job that led to the Duterte-Obama rift is making the rounds online.

Facebook user Ethel Cantor Constantino pins the blame on the international news organization Reuter that caused a rift between President Obama of the United States and President Duterte.

In the post, Ms. Constantino advised Reuter to hire a Tagalog credible translator to avoid the same mistake in the future.

Check out the full text of the post below.

Duterte did not curse Obama. He was only addressing the Filipinos who are subservient to the USA. Obama was named because a Reuter reporter asked President Duterte if Obama will ask the question.
Here is the verbatim:

“I am a Pres. of a sovereign state and we have long ceased to be a colony. I do not have any master except the Filipino people. Nobody, but nobody. You must be respectful. Do not just throw away question and statements. Putang ina- mumurahin talaga kita diyan sa forum.”

Ang problema: di minura ni duterte si Obama pero ang gustong palabasin ng media is minura niya to. What a big difference there is! If they could not translate and understand tagalog, these international News organization should hire someone credible to do that for them.

She ended the post with the following hashtags #iampinoyproudako and #partnerforchange.

The post has generated more than 1,000 shares and a hundred heart emojis and counting two hours after hitting the published button.

Netizens who stumbled upon her post couldn’t help but agree.

Sonny D Hernandez says:

We know that and I agree with you.

Malou Cadacio Pastilan says:

They will never stop demonizing Duterte who is out to clean up the trash.

Luz C Ilagan says:

I think.even if competent translators are hired, people, specially media who continue to prejudge Pres. Digong, will continue to distort his statements. No matter what he says or does, the prejudice, the selective hearing and reporting will prevail. Hindi nag iisip ng tama. Basta makabanat sa presidente, lipay na sila.

Ms. Ethel Constantion is a senior reporter, TV host and writer of PTV4 and a former field reporter of GMA News.

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Credits to Ethel Constantino


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