Lolit Solis after BBM’s impending win: Gusto ko makita ngayon ang mga stars na ubod ng yabang na sumuporta sa kanilang kandidato

philosopher lolit solis has spoken

This is the caption of the shared post of Jan Writer regarding screenshot photo of the IG post of former talk show host and entertainment news writer Lolit Solis.

So what did Lolio Solis say that caught the attention of one of the brilliant minds among Filipino political writers and also instructor of International Relations and Political Science at FEU?

Well, Ms. Solis took to IG to rub salt on the wounded egos of celebs with millions of followers whom she described as “ubod ng yabang” supporting their candidate.

Solis wanted to see how these arrogant celebs accept that their star power did not help their candidate win.

Instead, Solis thinks their endorsement did more harm than good because majority of Filipino voters found the celeb endorsers huge turnoffs because of their arrogance.

Solis said she hope this will serve as the lesson for these celebs to draw a dividing line between their roles in showbiz and in politics.

Solis conceded that yes, people watch their rallies, followed them around but never listened to them.

Solis told the celeb endorsers of Leni not to act super righteous, it hurts the ears and irritating.

For now, Solis advised the celebs to push down the brakes. Yes they can show their support to politicians in election but not OA.

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Here are some of the positive remarks of netizens on Lolit Solis.

One netizen confessed that he is a Lolit Solis follower on IG and found her IG post refreshing and nice to read.

I actually like the musings of Lolit Solis on Instagram. Refreshing and also nice to read her reminisce about old times.

A second netizen wrote that Lolit Solis’ IG post was real talk and it hurts because she’s speaking the truth.

Real Talk. Truth Hurts. Act with Kindness. Manay Lolit FTW!

A third netizen wrote that BBM’s victory is a testament that Filipinos don’t want a showbiz government. They only elect actors with intellect.

Electoral maturity. Ayaw na ng showbiz government. Namimili na ng mga artistang may utak para ihalal.

A fourth perfectly said it in words that the this election ushered the end of an era when celebrities are effective endorsers of politicians. But now, the people are wiser. Thanks to Soc Med because the MSM have lost the monopoly of information.

Tapos na era ng mga artista as an effective endorsers, MATALINO na tao ngayon, at salamat na rin sa Soc Med dahil di na hawak ng MSM ang impormasyon 💁‍♀️


Source: Jan Writer


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