Look: Actual video showing Filipino surfer Roger Casugay rescuing Indonesian rival from fatal surfing accident surfaces online, goes viral

The video showing the actual rescue of the Indonesian surfer who was separated from his surf board after a huge wave hit him while performing his tricks surfaces online.

According to various sources online, the Filipino surfer identified as Roger Casugay was competing at the 2019 SEA Games Men’s Longboard Surfing Event together with the Indonesian surfer when the accident happened.

Story has it, the Indonesian surfer named Arip Nurhidayat was performing his long surf board tricks before the judges alongside Casugay when a massive wave smashed the Indonesian surfer, sending his surf board to the air while Nurhidayat disappeared momentarily from the view of the spectators.

Turned out, the leash that connects the surfer to his long board was cut, perhaps by the sheer force of the wave, separating the surfer from his surf board.

Just think about the leash as the umbilical cord in which the life of the surfer depends on it.

Cut it prematurely and you’re at the mercy of giant waves who will not baby any thrill-seekers who are not supposed to be there as far as mother nature is concerned.

Moving forward, according to the Bombo Radyo La Union reporter, when the Coastal Team PH noticed that surf board of the Indonesian was drifting away from him, the Coastal Team PH asked the event announcer to instruct Casugay to help the Indonesian surfer.

Without hesitation, Casugay obliged by abandoning his routine and proceeded to rescue his beleaguered rival.

Moments later, the crowd erupted with applause after Casugay and the Indonesian surfer can be seen riding in tandem aboard Casugay’s long surf board and heading towards the safety of the beach.

For the heroic gesture, Filipinos who witnessed the incident waved the PH flag proudly as the SEA Games hero walked by.

Casugay’s heroism did not escape the radar of netizens who immortalized his act by showering him with praises online.

People will forget who the Gold medal winner is for that day, but Roger’s name will be remembered by everyone who knew his heroism for decades to come. He is a true legend.

Of all the medal successes story, this is the only story i will remember from SEA 2019. The real spirit of sportsmanship.
What he did was more than a gold medal. He made all Filipinos all over the world very proud. He deserves special recognition. Sir Roger Cayugan, we’re extremely proud of you.
Your parents raised you well. God bless you and your family.

Human life is more PRECIOUS than a medal, An absolute Act of HEROISM.

Gold heart not gold medal that is one of a kind.Very proud of you.

The deed you did is far more valuable than gold. My snappy salute sir surfer! May your genes spread.

He did not win the gold medal, but he have the heart of gold!! Priceless!

 He’s already the winner. Kahit Sino pa manguna,panalo na sya! Like a soldier , never leave your wounded brother alone😘

Pinoy at its best!!! Kahit sa gitna ng laban, susuko dahil mas mahalaga ang buhay kesa medalyang ginto!!! Mabuhay ka po!!!

Proud na proud kaming mga kapwa mo Filipino sayo Sir Roger Casugay. Isa ka sa magagandang halimbawa para sa mga kabataan ngayon. 😊

Humanity prevails! He is a real champion.

Kapwa surfer nga di iniiwan , Girlfriend pa kaya!!! haha

Filipino surfer, hinangaan dahil sa pagsagip sa katunggaling Indonesian surfer habang nasa kompetisyon ng SEA Games

Filipino surfer, hinangaan dahil sa pagsagip sa katunggaling Indonesian surfer habang nasa kompetisyon ng SEA Games

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