Look: Alarming photos spreading online showing the Liberal Party violating Omnibus Election Code

An innocent looking photos taken during the proclamation rally of the Liberal Party held somewhere is doing the rounds online for the wrong reason.

In a Facebook post shared less than 200 times as of Wednesday evening, the Facebook Page Kulot eh Kaya Madaming Alam uploaded the photo to expose the strategy used by the Liberal Party of Mar Roxas to draw in the crowds to its campaign rally.

By taking a cursory look at the photo, one cannot see the anomaly unless you are told something is wrong with the photo. However, upon closer inspection, sacks of rice and grocery bags stand out in the lower right corner of the photo.

So what makes the sacks of rice and grocery bags special that merits a blog post?

According to the Omnibus Election Code under Section 261 of the Republic Act No. 7166, giving anything of value constitute vote-buying and vote-selling.

Any person who gives, offers or promises money or anything of value, gives or promises any office or employment, franchise or grant, public or private, or makes or offers to make an expenditure, directly or indirectly, or cause an expenditure to be made to any person, association, corporation, entity, or community in order to induce anyone or the public in general to vote for or against any candidate or withhold his vote in the election, or to vote for or against any aspirant for the nomination or choice of a candidate in a convention or similar selection process of a political party.

You may check the photo below if this violates the Omnibus Election Code or not.

LIBERAL PARTY CAMPAIGN RALLY may libreng pa-Bingo pa.At ilang sako ng bigas.ung totoo? buti pa pag election ano, …

Posted by Kulot eh Kaya Madaming Alam on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Meanwhile, another concerned citizen uploaded a photo allegedly taken in Gingoog City showing the Liberal Party of Mar Roxas allegedly distributing foul-smelling rice to the crowd attending its campaign rally.

The concerned netizen wrote a caption to describe the photo and wrote:

Behold the rice distributed by “Serbisyo Caravan” here in Gingoog City. Full of termites and smells really bad. Even dogs will refuse to eat this one.

Roxas camp giving spoiled rice

Futhermore, here is another photo that should raise the eyebrows of some netizens called anti-Roxas. Mar Roxas use of helicopter

Mar Roxas party is allegedly using the PAF chopper while doing his campaign sortie in Gingoog City. I believed there is a section in the Omnibus Election Code for this matter. Please refer below if this is applicable or not.

Use of public funds, money deposited in trust, equipment, facilities owned or controlled by the government for an election campaign. – Any person who uses under any guise whatsoever, directly or indirectly, (1) public funds or money deposited with, or held in trust by, public financing institutions or by government offices, banks, or agencies; (2) any printing press, radio, or television station or audio-visual equipment operated by the Government or by its divisions, sub-divisions, agencies or instrumentalities, including government-owned or controlled corporations, or by the Armed Forces of the Philippines; or (3) any equipment, vehicle, facility, apparatus, or paraphernalia owned by the government or by its political subdivisions, agencies including government-owned or controlled corporations, or by the Armed Forces of the Philippines for any election campaign or for any partisan political activity.

What can you say about this?


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