Look: Alleged drunk man smashes neighbor’s pet dog to the concrete wall repeatedly

A word of warning: If you abhor animal cruelty, please refrain from clicking the play button because this video is very disturbing.

Drunk man maltreats neighbors pet dog

Screengrab from video

A disturbing video was shared by a concerned netizen who took a video footage of the barbaric act of his alleged drunk neighbor.

For no apparent reason, the drunk neighbor approached the netizen’s pet dog, which by the way could not escape since it was put on a leash and repeatedly smashed the dog into the wall of the concrete house.

The drunk man, not done yet, grabbed an empty bottle and hit the dog once again. This time, the dog turned belly up and his extremities can be seen in tremor.

The drunk neighbor walked away and left the unlucky dog almost lifeless.

Turned out the drunk man had a history of misunderstanding with the father of the video uploader whose family owns the ‘aspen.’

The netizen also refuses to do something against the abusive neighbor and just let the incident slide to avoid more trouble for their family.

You may watch the video now.

~Mans Bestfriend VS Dog worst Enemy~RATED SPG ~lang awang pinaghmpas ng lasinggerong kapitbahay ang aso namin.

Posted by Dandy Boon Solidarios Ayson on Friday, January 1, 2016

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