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Look: American CEO urges Filipinos to vote for Rody Duterte, explains Duterte’s sincerity & track record speaks volume of the man

American campaigning for Duterte 1

American campaigning for Duterte 1

Meet Bob. He is an American, a company CEO and President who is pushing for the candidacies of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Alan Peter Cayetano.

Bob, CEO of American company

In a YouTube video, the American speaks shortly why he supports the candidacy of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and the PDP-Laban senatorial candidates including the candidacy of Alan Cayetano.

According to him, he believes the sincerity of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Atty. Franklin Quijano, who selflessly serves their constituents. He said the past track records of both gentlemen speaks volumes about this.

I am urging you to support to their candidacies – Rody Duterte for the Presidency and Atty. Franklin Quijano to represent the lone district of Ilijan.

Bob said the reason he is urging the Filipino voters to support these guys is that they support the idea of Federalism. He said, his country, the United States of America and other advanced nations, the Federal system of government promises a genuine political system that caters to the welfare of the masses.

Before ending his video, Bob asked the Filipinos to support the candidacies of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Alan Peter Cayetano, Atty. Franklin Quijano and the rest of the PDP-Laban candidates in the May 2016 election.

What can you say about Americans openly supporting Duterte?

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