Look: Another foreigner stricken by the Duterte bug in latest video

A video of a foreigner chanting the name of a Presidential candidate is doing the rounds online.

South Korean man for Duterte 2

Credits to photo owner

In a Facebook pots by a netizen, the South Korean man can be heard chanting the family name of a candidate called by many names including the social media rock star. Guess who? Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Although, the video is not to be taken seriously since foreigners are not allowed to meddle in our election but let’s take at its entertainment value.

You know, our election is violent of full of mud throwing from rival politicians so one or two of these kind of video is a welcome respite from the bickering.

Ohhh ahhh pati Korean naka DU30 !!!󾮞󾮞󾮞󾮞󾮞󾮞󾮞󾮞󾮞󾮞Sa mga mka DUTERTE jan ohh ✌️✌✌✌✌Thank you 애기야 병주 for the campaign…

Posted by Rac Yan Calma on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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