Look: Birthday boy Atty. Bruce Rivera discloses why Ombudsman Morales reeks of double standard. Read why!

In the midst of the heated war between PRRD and Ombudsman Morales, a timely revelation from Atty. Bruce Rivera on Facebook could further erode whatever little respect have the public for the Ombudsman.

Well, that depends which side are you on!

Whether you are on the fence or a Duterte supporter, you will be glad to have stumbled upon Atty. Rivera’s Facebook post via Pinoy Trending News.

You may read Atty. Rivera’s post below.


I am sadddened by the actuations of the Ombudsman and its statement that they are being intimidated by our President.

First of all, the present Ombudsman has an affinity with Duterte where intimidation is not needed. To call it intimidation reeks of insensitivity and uncomfortable for people caught in between.

Second, to say that there is corruption in the Ombudsman is nothing their office should be angry or hurt about. They know its true and they know I know its true. There is a reason I did not represent Napoles in the Sandiganbayan. So cut me the bullshit statement that you have entrapped and imprisoned because the fact that you have to entrap is something Filipinos should be bothered.

My question is just as basic and simple? Why is the Ombudsman dogging on PRD like a Trillanes and cannot seem to touch PNoy and his cohorts. The Ombudsman cannot even dare to investigate Abad more less charge him inspite of the Napoles allegations when they have the mandate to file charges based on an anonymous letter.

So do not be hurt why many of us doubt the office. You cannot just expect us to trust you when in the last administration, you reeked of double fucking standard.

There, I said it…on my birthday.

On Atty. Bruce Rivera’s statement that the Ombudsman have the mandate to file charges based on anonymous letter, well, let us head to the FAQ section of the Ombudsman’s website and this is what I’ve found:

Does the Ombudsman entertain anonymous complaints?

Yes. However, a complaint which does not disclose the identity of the complainant will be acted upon only if it merits appropriate consideration, or contains sufficient leads or particulars to enable the taking of further action. [Link here]

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