Look: Bus company to the rescue of Robredo following insinuation ‘waiting for a bus’ photo, a fake!

Atty. Bruce Rivera stirred the hornet’s nest by disputing the authenticity of the Leni Robredo viral ‘waiting for a bus ride’ photo with the help of a friend who re-enacted the famous photo but got a different result.

Shortly it was published on Facebook, the post circulated online after netizens found it worth sharing garnering 2009 shares, 762 comments and 9,506 reactions.

But not all welcomed Atty. Rivera’s post, especially the supporters of Leni Robredo.

One of them is Isarog Lines, a bus company, allegedly Leni Robredo’s preferred bus company when she goes home to Naga.

Exactly 11 days after or so since Atty. Rivera challenged the validity of the iconic’ Robredo ‘waiting for a bus’  photo, Isarog Lines issued a statement on Facebook, vouching the authenticity of Leni’s photo.


Facebook user Allan Peter M. Sinco took to Facebook to express his dismay with Isarog Lines, calling it a ‘damage control’  exercise courtesy of the Spin Doctors under the payroll of the OVP SOCMED.

Now this is what I call DAMAGE CONTROL!!!
This is probably made possible through the best effort of OVP SOCMED. The authorized Spin Doctors of Ms. Leni Robredo (note that I did not affix the VP title because even if she supposedly won the race, she still doesn’t deserve the respect).
By the way, picking up/loading or unloading of passengers anywhere in SLEX is I believe not allowed. So what are you trying to imply here? That a lawmaker is by all means a law breaker?
What a pity Isarog Bus Co.! Your bus line is a new addition to the stupidity circle of the Jaundice Society.

Netizen Aaron Paul Interior couldn’t help but post a sarcastic comment in response to Isarog Lines statement.

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Source: Allan Peter M. Cinco