Look: Can you guess the ‘CLIENT’ hiring IT experts to hack Facebook profiles promoting slanderous accusations, fake news etc.?

A screengrab photo showing someone hiring hackers in the Philippine-based job portal for IT professionals to do a job for a client is circulating online.

“Thinking Pinoy”, Duterte’s staunchest supporter and biggest blogger to date shared a screengrab of a job posting wherein the client was looking for IT professionals who could hack Facebook profiles in behalf of a client.

What grabbed the eyeball of “Thinking Pinoy” and the social media people was the job overview posted by the client that reads:

“seeking an individual capable of hacking Facebook profiles which are promoting slanderous accusations against one of our clients including organizing protests, circulating fake news stories and more. This is a project based job where we would require logins and passwords for these fake accounts so that we can shut them down. Must show proof of prior work to ensure results can be obtained.”

Thinking Pinoy published the screengrab with an intriguing caption alluding a politician from Bicol.

“Bicolana ba yung client?”

“Thinking Pinoy’s” Facebook followers instantly got the gist and fired away with scathing and mocking remarks directed at the client.

Mary Grace Kobayashi wrote: “Wow! Ganyan sila ka desperado to shut down people’s FB that are against their opinions.

Kailan ba nila ma realize, that time is already different. They cannot monopolies everything already. This time people are aware and more willing to fight for real freedom.

This is the real revolution!! We won’t be silenced by oligarchs and yellowtards anymore.

Mga Pilipino kami, the more na nasusugatan, mas lalo kaming lumalaban at tumatapang!!”

Mary Costello remarked that the job posting smacked of cyber-crime: “I hope this is legal, coz if not, the twitter and Facebook have to do something about it, it looks like a cyber crime to me.”

Joey del Fierro said: “It is! And looks miserably desperate to resort to extrajudicial measures! But it is what they always do: drugs, ejk & corruptions etc”

Daverly Arcon Emperador wants this reported to the NBI: “Di nila pedeng gawin yan. Unang una, ang legal lang na makikita mong hacker, e nasa cyber security at employed sa isang company. Kapag ginawa mo to or naghire ka ng “hacker” na hindi naman scope ng cyber security and against the will of someone/something pede siang makasuhan ng NBI. Ang may kakayahan lang na gumawa ng ganyan is ang government. 😂 ndi ginagamit ang hacking sa pansariling kagustuhan. Ginagamit un to prevent intrusion. Kaya sana makasuhan ung nagpost ng naghi2re sila ng hacker. 😂 TP pede dalhin to sa NBI para matrace ung IP Address nung nagpost at para malaman kung sino ang nasa likod nian. 😄”

Ronald Ong wants this matter reported to Facebook: “This should be shared with FB’s central office so they can tighten their security as FB PH’s leadership seems already compromised. And they should file a suit to whoever is found hacking or attempting to hack FB.”

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