Look: CCTV footage shows off-duty Manila police mauls defenseless old man

An off-duty Manila police is in hot water after he was caught on CCTV mauling an innocent old man on January 8, 2017 in Paco, Manila has gone viral.

The 103-second video was uploaded on Facebook by Dennis Javar, son of the victim, seeking justice for his aggrieved father with the help of the social media.

Javar alleged that off-duty police officer, PO1 Leo Tupaz, almost got his father killed, until someone intervened to stop the beating.

In the video, the off-duty police can be seen throwing several punches to the body of the old man, then finished him off with a blow to the chin, causing the old man to drop to the ground on his back.

The cop walked away and disappeared from the view of the screen for a few seconds while the victim lay on the ground motionless for a few seconds.

When victim recovered momentarily from the beating and attempted to pick himself up, the cop reappeared on the monitor and pushed the victim to the ground.

The cop turned his back again and disappeared from the monitor momentarily.

A woman appeared on the monitor and stopped in front of the victim.

The cop reappeared again, this time, angrier and more determined to put his victim away.

He helped the victim got up from the ground, but only to push him to a prone position.

While the old man lay helpless on his tummy, the cop went to grab a piece of pottery from the ground and smashed it against the head of the old man.

After taking a solid hit, the old man’s survival instincts apparently kicked in and willed himself to get up and escape further harm.

The old man owes his life to the two women, a niece and a family member of his tormentor, who stopped the cop from delivering the coup de grace by grabbing his arm as the cop was about to strike the old man with a much bigger object.

The mauling video has angered netizens and demanded the dismissal of the abusive cop from service by asking the help of Mocha Uson on the social media in reporting the incident to the PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa.

The video has garnered 185,000 views on Facebook, 185 shares, 664 comments and thousands of reactions and counting as of this writing.

Here’s the video:

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