Look: Civilians trapped in gun battle between government soldiers, Abu terrorists hide behind coconut trees, palm trees for safety

A video showing civilians caught in the middle of the raging battle between government soldiers and Abu terrorist is making the rounds online.

Residents of Napo, Inabanga Bohol have to improvise to stay out of the harms way by hiding behind coconut trees, buri palm trees and wooden houses.

The video was uploaded on the Facebook page “President Duterte Worldwide Supporters” to highlight the plight of our Boholano brothers and sisters who are under siege from the Abu Sayyaf terrorists.

In the video, scared civilians, mostly males, can be seen hiding behind the trees (coconuts and buri palm trees) as heavy gunfire crackled in the distance and helicopter gunship strafed a round of machine gun fire from above towards the Abu positions.

As of this writing, 14 casualties have been reported online, including 3 army soldiers and 1 policeman, a day after the battle started.

You may watch the video below showing residents of Inabanga Bohol hiding for dear life behind coconut trees.

Let us check out how social media react.

Patsydonn En Tiara Jumierah remarked that video left her teary-eyed. “Nakakaiyak panoorin ang aking mga kababayan sa Bohol…ingat po kayo lagi.
Huwag kalimutang magdasal sa ating Amang Maykapal.

My thoughts & prayers for you all. May God grant us peace & protection for our beloved Bohol & our people. God bless everyone.

Amira Yorong is worried wayward bullets will not spare people hiding behind buri palm trees. Nakakaawa naman…Sila nagtagu SA Puno nang buli..Paano nalang f may.ligaw na bala.”

Cherry Ann Dulos Loyola told the people in the video to lie flat on their chest. Sana dumapa kayo jan.. Hay Dios ko po….help them and keep them safe.”

The video has gathered 84,00 views, 1,098 reactions and  139 comments and counting.

Meanwhile, another video showing government helicopters doing a bombing run at the Abu terrorists position circulates online.

Reports said that 10 bombs were dropped yesterday at Brgy. Napo, Inabanga Bohol where Abu terrorists were holding their grounds.

The video above has gathered 91,000 views, 887 shares and 70 comments as of this writing.

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