Look: Customer humiliates Jollibee Service Crew for a flimsy reason

This may sound a cliche, but a nice and expensive looking car does not guarantee the driver seating behind the wheel got good manners. Try asking the female Jollibee crew in the video who received a good tongue lashing from the motorist-customer who lose his temper.


The viral video that has been making the rounds on Facebook since it was uploaded on December 29, 2015 by a netizen who captured the humiliating experience and wrote a caption:

Whatever the reason, a customer has no right to humiliate a service crew.

Shen M. Jarlega, the lady who took video said, “I feel sorry for the service crew; she was holding back her tears when she took my order.”


The motorist-customer behind the wheel of the BMW car, allegedly lost his temper after the Jollibee crew failed to follow his instruction not to put cheese in his cheeseburger.

Watch the video now:

what ever the reason , Customer has no right to humiliate a service crew. I feel sorry for the service crew :(she hold her tears when she take my order 🙁

Posted by Shen M. Jarlega on Monday, December 28, 2015

The video has generated 43,108 views as of this writing, 3 PM, January 4.

The motorist elicited angry reactions from netizens who have watched the video. One commenter said, “A good lecture on respect and decency is needed by this person. Sayang pinag-aralan nya.”

Another commenter sums up the action of the motorist with his comment, Kung sino pa yung may magarang sasakyan sya pa yung walang pinag aralan. Tsk. (He who drives expensive cars are those who act as if they have no education. Check!)

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