Look: Da Who in the photo? Penthouse unit owner selling his/her 230sqm property for 21M (see last photo)

In 2015, Rappler published an article entitled ‘8 things to know about Leni Robredo’ to boost her chances in the VP race.

According to Rappler, Leni Robredo is one of the poorest members of the House of the Representatives with a declared asset at 8.04 million in 2014 bssed on her SALN. [Rappler]

Sadly, the public took the Rappler’s article as the gospel truth about Leni Robredo.

But if you ask the public today if they still think Leni Robredo is one of the poorest members of the House Representatives after reading this post, I highly doubt it. Here’s why.

To give us an idea how much is the penthouse unit of Leni Robredo in Lansbergh Place, one of the owners of another penthouse unit Lansbergh put up his/her unit for 21 million pesos. Check the photo again above photo. Was it Leni’s reflection in the mirror?

But this one is bigger than the one owned by Leni. (Read again the caption: “Meanwhile, last June-July 2016, a penthouse unit owner was selling his/her 230sqm property for 21M (see last photo). Da Who?”) Check the photo below and guess who’s the woman figure in the mirror.

Here are the rest of the photos inside Leni’s penthouse.

Credits to photo owner

Credits to photo owner

Credits to photo owner

Credits to photo owner

Let us check out the comments of netizens after learning that Leni Robredo owns ab expensive piece of realty in QC.

Lynn Pelarco wrote: “kakaiba.. kunwari eh mahirap sa naga pero may penthouse”

Morrie Noah Jin commented: “Tapos sasabihin na nagkandahirap pag-aralin mga anak niya after ng death ni Jesse. Utot mo with kasamang jebs! 💩”

Anne Dioses Broomhall remarked: “These two wouldn’t know what poverty means even if it bit them in their bums. Poverty is only a slogan to fool the masses into voting for them and their family members. 🙄”

Mackie Mackie noted: “8million SALN. 8Million Penthouse.”

Aiyana Shatalaga also asked Leni’s 8M SALN: “TAPOS ANG SALN 8M LANG?”

Shierlly Juan commented: “Nagpapanggap na mahirap c Leni eh may TINATAGO palang baho ang pamilya na to”

Kim-Chii Potchi spoofs Leni’s ‘jokes’ that the money came from her porridge business: “Grabe kayo. Galing yan sa pagbebenta niya ng lugaw!”

Meanwhile, Nathan Villamayor sees nothing wrong with it: “I don’t see anything wrong here, both Jesse and Leni came from well off families so it’s not farfetched that they can afford a penthouse condo unit (albeit it in a “poor man’s” location).

Stop throwing mud at each other, Philippine politics is just one big gang war and as much as you dig up something to throw at Leni her camp can also dig up stuff to throw at Digong.

Personally I reserve judgment till 2022 where whoever ends up with the most accomplishments in uplifting lives of the masa is will get my vote.”

To which Malea Ramos replied: “Leni is claiming they are so poor that is why they sold lugaw and ice cream during the campaign/elections last year. Im not even kidding you can look it up its in the news. So this P21M unit shows she is a pathological liar.”

In 2015, Leni Robredo’s net worth based on her SALN is 8.711 million. [PCIJ Report]

The Lansbergh Place is not declared in Leni Robredo’s SALN.


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