Look: Drunk “barangay tanod” slams kid into wooden table, netizens decry child abuse

A video of a drunk “barangay tanod” slamming the kid into a hard surface is doing the rounds online.

abusive tanod in Manila

In a Facebook post shared less than a 100 times as of Wednesday morning, the concerned netizen named Montie Stef alleged that the “barangay tanod” was drunk when the incident happened.

In the video, the kid tries to free himself from the hold of the “barangay tanod” and apparently irked, the latter swung the child to his left, causing the child’s head to hit the side of the table. Not done yet, the “barangay tanod” swung again to his right, causing the child to hit the ground.

In the background, a voice can be overheard telling the “barangay tanod” not to hurt the kid but his appeal went unheeded.

Finally, another guy entered the picture and intervened in the commotion. The “barangay tanod” walked away from the scene as if nothing happened.

The video draws mixed reaction from the netizens who happened to watch the video. One group slams the video uploader for showing only the part where the “barangay tanod” is captured doing the violent act. On one hand, one group of netizens say for whatever reason, the “barangay tanod” has no right to hurt the kid because it tantamounts to child abuse.

According to Republic Act No. 7610, a penalty awaits the violator if convicted in the court of law.

Republic Act No. 7610 is an act providing for stronger deterrence and special protection against child abuse, exploitation and discrimination, and for other purposes.

The incindent allegedly occurred in Barangay 253 Zone 23 somewhere in Manila.

Brgy tanod na lasing pti batang maliit pinatulan at inuntog pa ulo ng bata.

Posted by Montie Stef on Monday, February 15, 2016

What can you say about this post? Do you agree with the belief of one group that video has no place on Facebook?

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