Look: “Duterte goes to China will bring home $9B; Leni goes to London, bring home a designer bag” meme goes viral

While President Duterte literally brought home the bacon from China, joke has it that Robredo went home with a designer bag.

Well, that’s the gist of the meme making the rounds online to the amusement of Robredo’s haters on social media.

As they say, the proof in the pudding is in the eating and that basically explains why the meme has generated so much interest online that netizens shared it 1,700 plus times, reacted 706 times and commented on 76 times on Facebook.

In case you think the meme is fake news, wait until you read the post of Usec. Lorraine Badoy, giving the public and insiders account of how Duterte’s hard work paid off by bringing home almost $10-billion worth of investment.

Check out the full text of Badoy’s FB post below.

He strides into the Presidential plane and we’re all on our feet giving him a rousing ovation. “Mabuhay, Mr. President!” “Yey!” “Good job, sir!”

He is his usual humble self and gestures that this wasn’t just because of him but team effort (I didn’t hear the whole intro and cannot quote him verbatim).

The applause dies down because the President will speak and we are eager to hear what the conquering hero has to say.

Basically our wins. And what it is we’re bringing home to you guys.

The unofficial and conservative estimate is 9.5 BILLION USD worth of investments and aid. And 10,800 jobs.

That’s 500 BILLION pesos, guys. At least. And 10,800 jobs. At least.

This isn’t the complete figure yet but I just had to tell you. We just arrived in our hotel and we’re all tired. But it’s a good kind of tired because that is his effect on us.

So inspiring.

“Ok lang mapagod.”
“So worth it.”

We all love working with and for this exceptional leader. He is a joy to behold when he is working (which is like every second of his waking hours) and being his Presidential self because he is a master at it, this business of being president- someone who has such a full appreciation of the Office he holds.

Someone who understands the breadth and depth of his powers and wields it well for the people he serves.

You just feel you’re part of something bigger than yourself– something that will make your country sparkle in the sun.

And that years from now, this is going to be one of those things you can tell your apos: that you worked with the President who stopped the free fall of our country and turned it around.

History happening before my eyes.

And in the end, his only bottom line: we, a people who have been so used to leftovers and scraps, will get the best deal.

Goodnight guys. Today was an awesome day.

I’m real tired but I just had to tell you.

Your thoughts?

Source: Glen Aguilar Lorraine Marie Badoy

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