Look: Duterte reiterates he will solve drug problem in 3-6 months, cannot say the same thing on rebellion

Presidential aspirant Mayor Rodrigo Duterte talks to reporters during a press conference in Cebu City to answer questions on certain issues that require his response.

When asked about by Tina-Panganiban Perez of GMA News to talk about the scheduled meeting with the Nationalist People’s Coalition, Duterte responded that he has no definite idea about the said meeting. In fact, he said it was the first time he heard of such thing. But he said he heard about the planned conversation. Until now, “No invitation yet from the camp of the NPC, to attend any meeting with them or even somebody from my party talking to me about it,” Duterte clarified.

When asked by the same reporter if Duterte sees the need to meet with the NPC or any other political party, Duterte replied, “If you are a politician, you have to be a political animal. There is always a vision. If you find something common, you have to be ready to talk. However, if both parties do not agree on so many things like in the areas of governance and how the country should be run, then there is no point of talking further.” Not necessarily the exact words of Duterte, but you get the gist where Duterte stands on the question, right?

When asked about the funding for the campaign, Duterte categorically admitted money is not coming in. There were some from big businesses, but he turned them down because he said, “I don’t want money from businessmen who have done business with the government.”

Mayor Duterte also reiterated he has nothing to do with businessmen who are pro-contractualization because it does do any good to ordinary employees in the private sector.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte reiterated his earlier promise to the Filipinos that he will end the illegal drug problem in 3-6 months by tackling the issue head on.

But, he clarified, the full force of the law will be applied on the drug lords, but he will not resort to extra-judicial killings. He said the it will be bloody since the drug lords are armed and dangerous and if they will choose to resist the police, that’s the time he will not hesitate to have them killed.

On ending the rebellion on two fronts, both the Communist and Moro, Mayor Duterte clarified, he never made a promise to end it since it will take time. “It will take years, even before an acceptable proposal can me crafted.” He refused to make a motherhood statement.

But he will talk to Joma Sison since the latter has been saying he will come home if Duterte or Poe wins the Presidency.

Mayor Duterte said, he will not go to the Amsterdam to talk to Joma Sison but if there is a talk that is going to happen, it should be done in Philippine soil because that’s the only time then, they can talk what ills the Philippine society.

When asked by the PDI reporter on his thoughts of the advice from Senator Pimentel to keep his cussing in moderation, this is what Duterte has to say on the matter, “Try to listen to those cuss words very carefully, then I will invite you to look at me and relate those words in my character,” Duterte said. “Behind those words is the tragedy and agony of the Filipino people.”


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Posted by Alan Peter Cayetano on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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