Look: Duterte sleeps in a cramped 20 sq. meters bedroom in Malacanang with the fabled mosquito net?

On Wednesday, Krizette Laureta Chu, a known Duterte supporter, shared her photos taken during the meeting with the president,  in Malacanang.  Yes, in Malacanang!

Read Krizette’s caption below to accompany the photos.

“A little bit of good vibes for everyone here. Just a sneak preview of Supreme Lord’s house, which he gallantly showed to us at around 1 a.m.”

Duterte led the tour and showed the bloggers and fellow social media influencers around Malacanang, and in Bahay Pangarap, which former President Pnoy used to stay.

A tour in Malacanang wouldn’t be complete without taking a peek at the presidential bedroom. And voila! The fabled ‘mosquito net’ is an eye-catcher.

Ms. Chu captioned the photo to describe what she saw.

“This is Duterte’s room. Very small as you can see, as we’re all cramped. It’s probably 20 square meters at most. He shows us his no frills banyo. Guys, he uses Colgate for his toothpaste and Safeguard as his soap. The banyo is super small. There is a larger banyo in the larger bedroom with a Jacuzzi. “That is Pnoy’s,” he says. He chose this bedroom, which used to be Josh’s (Kris’ son), so he could give the bigger bedroom to the fam.”

The receiving room…

The sala area…


Former president Pnoy’s room. Duterte give this to his visiting family.

The Duterte fist pose…with the social media influencers and bloggers.

The social media people cannot contain their joy while looking at the photos that shows the President’s humility.

“Thank you for posting the pics at least we get to see his house.. nice very simple…” Ma Irene Sinco Papa wrote.

“Thank you Atty Krizette for sharing. Teary eyed here,” Danjing Chavez joined the chorus of grateful netizens.

Bembem C. Isaac wrote: “Thank you for sharing. ..DU30 4ever! My Rockstar President.”
Becky Dee commented: “I’m beaming from ear to ear just looking at you guys, so happy and having light moments with him. You are such a breath of fresh air for him with all the problems he has to deal with at the moment. Thank you guys for being there for PPRD.”

Credits to Krizette Laureta Chu for sharing the photos.

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