Look: Fil-Am blogger reveals connection between UN rapporteur Callamard, Imelda Nicholas, NY Times’ Tiefenthaler, CNN’s Iyengar, Gretchen Malalad, Sheila Coronel

What is the common denominator between UN rapporteur Agnes Callamard, Imelda Nicolas (Loida Lewis younger sister), Gretchen Malalad, Rishi Iyengar (CNN & Time magazine) and Ainara Tiefenthaler (New York Times)?

Fil-Am blogger who goes by the name Flippinflips said the above-mentioned names were all products of the Columbia University.

Rishi Iyengar of CNN and Time Magazine was the journalist behind the article for Time Magazine entitled “Night falls on the Philippines”.

Ainara Tiefenhaler of NY Times did the interview with Edgar Matobato that was released before Matobato even appeared in the senate hearing on extra-judicial killings.

Edgar Matobato was de Lima’s star witness at the senate hearing on EJK’s and tagged Duterte as the mastermind of the Davao Death Squad.

Sheila Coronel is a Pinay journalist known for her anti-Marcos, anti-Erap stance.

The article entitled ‘I Will Kill All the Drug Lords: The making of Rodrigo Duterte’ was published on the website “The Atlantic”, whose readers are mostly English speakers.

Gretchen Malalad, a Binibining Pilipinas contestant, Karate gold medalist in the SEA games and a field reporter of ABS-CBN News and current affairs earned the ire of Duterte supporters after she was identified as the Filipino reporter who helped Rishi Iyengar of the Time magazine in writing the article “Night Falls on the Philippines”.

Agnes Callamrd is a UN rapporteur who rose to prominence in the Filipino consciousness when she said she will investigate Pres. Duterte for the spate of killings in the drug-related campaign waged by the local police.

Imelda Nicholas is the younger sister of the Fil-Am millionaire who has been accused by President Duterte as the financier of the series anti-Duterte protests and rallies with the goal to eventually unseat the sitting president and install Leni Robredo as the successor.

The Fil-Am blogger gave a hint that Loida Lewis funded the well-organized campaign in the international and local scene to discredit Duterte in the international community in the form of a question.

The Fil-Am blogger also highlighted the local network operating locally to destroy Duterte in the eyes of the Filipinos in the local scene such as the Ateneo de Manila University, La Salle, Miriam College, St. Scholastica, UP etc..

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