Look: Forbes.com reports PH falling crime rate index, Fil-Am blogger expects “dilawans” propaganda machine to become busier

Did you hear the good news from Forbes.com?

According to the article from Forbes.com, “Filipinos feel safer nowadays as compared in 2014 (Pnoy’s time), which the international magazine attributed to Duterte’s vicious tactics against drug traffickers.”

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Credits to Forbes.com.

Elated by the positive report from a prestigious magazine, Fil-Am blogger Edwin Jamora took to Facebook to gloat at the “dilawans” whom he believed will be very busy in the next few days releasing hate stories to spoil the fun at the camp of Duterte supporters.


I’m sure, sunod sunod na hate stories ang kasunod nito from the Yellow propaganda machine!


“President Rodrigo Duterte’s cruel tactics against drug traffic may have terrified some in the Philippines. But Filipinos feel safer nowadays than they felt back in 2014, walking alone at night in the streets.

That’s according to the recently released 2018 Global Law and Order report,which assigns the Philippines a score of 82, up from 76 in 2014—see Table 1

And that’s well above the average score for East Asia, which stands at 72.”

And here’s the part that will make the “dilawans” BP to rise further?

Gallup’s latest World Poll report shows that the majority of the world is confident in their local police and feels secure. Gallup sees strong relationships between these two factors and how they relate to a country’s economic and social development. [Link here]

Hence the rosy economic outlook as reported by several major news networks including CNN Philippines is no fluke but the consequence of an improving peace and order situation in the country. [Link here]

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Source: Edwin Jamora

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