Look: Is Leni Robredo wearing a $295 Ralph Lauren skinny-fit polo shirt in this photo?

Leni Robredo’s introduction to the national TV occurred when her husband, the late Jesse Robredo died in a plane crash in 2012.

The following year, Robredo was prevailed by the administration’s Liberal Party to contest a Congressional seat in Camarines Sur and won.

To make the story short, Robredo gained the reputation as a simple and down-to-earth politician, an anomaly in a country populated by politicians who have a sense of entitlement.

This simple and down-to-earth image of Leni Robredo was further cemented with the help of the social media wherein a photo of Leni waiting for a bus in Makati went viral online, capturing the imagination of the public.

The mainstream media took the cue from the social media and picked up the story of a bus-riding politician from Bicol, thus providing Leni Robredo a much bigger platform to propagate the image of a simple and down-to-earth politician.

The simple and down-to-earth Leni Robredo image played a huge factor in convincing President Pnoy that Robredo was the right candidate to run as Mar Roxas running mate. And the rest, they say, is history!

On Monday, January 16, 2017, Edwin Jamora, a Fil-American based in California, stumbled upon an an old photo of Leni Robredo dated January 14, 2015 that caught his attention.

Do check out the photo below showing Leni Robredo sporting a Ralph Lauren polo shirt priced at $295 dollars if not on sale. Otherwise, if you are bargain hunter, you can buy it for $35 dollars when on sale.

Doubt it? Well check out the screengrab of Leni’s Ralph Lauren polo shirt below for your reference.

You may click the link here to visit Ralph Lauren’s online store and check the price for yourself.

Lest I forget, Edwin Jamora left a caption laced with humor and sarcasm to inform the public of his mind-blowing discovery!

So, mahilig pala si #LeniRobredo sa mga signature polo shirts. Tiga East Coast ako dati and there are a lot of Outlet Malls in Pennsylvania na pwede kong ituro sa kanya. This shirt here? $295. Nabibili ko to for $34 during holidays at sale. Kaya sa next trip ni #LeniLeaks sa US next time, call me maybe.

Do you agree this will have a negative impact on “reyna sa laylayan” image of Leni Robredo?

Source: Edwin Jamora

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