Look! Isko Moreno earns moniker “Boy Basura” after photos of Yorme picking up litters circulates online


This is the initial reaction of US-based Bicolano accountant Edwin Jamora at the photos of Yorme Isko personally picking up the litters left at the San Andres Sports Complex, one of the venues of the vaccination drive in the city of Manila.

Jamora joked that the camera was unsteady because the cameraman was dizzy from the stench emitted by the litters Yorme was picking up.

“Ikot ng ikot ang camera! Nahihilo na siguro sa amoy ng basura ang cameraman! Ambilis ng ikot eh!”

Turning serious, Jamora questioned Yorme Isko’s leadership skill. Leaders he said convinces, persuades or even influences your people to do the job. Jamora was apaprently unimpressed with Yorme due to the fact that the people from Manila’s waste management was present and yet, he was not able to command awe and convince them to pick up litters in his stead.

“You know, if you’re physically doing the act of picking up the basura, well then, you’re not a leader because you can’t convince, persuade or even influence your people to do the job. Biro mo, buong waste management ng city wala kang na-convince to do the work?!”

Jamora felt pity that the leader was like taking his leisure walk in the park este San Andres Sports Complex alone except the media.

“Kawawa naman ang leader na to. He is just walking leisurely in the park with no one following him, except the media.”


The photos or the video of Yorme elicited unflattering remarks from netizens as shown by the comments below.

“Mar na Mar 🤣 commented a netizen.

OA said another netizen: “OA naman lalabs mo. Bakit di kasama si Madumb? He has enough accomplishments naman to boast bakit kailangan pa nya mamulot ng basura?”

“Trapo moves talaga itong si Isko” chimed in another.

“Pedicab driver and now trash collector, all this, coming from the Dilawan playbook. 🙄#Tupperwarespotted #NumberonefanniMar #commiesympathizer commented another smirking netizen.

This netizen wants some answer from the City Hall I guess. “Local chief executive yan? So, who does his work if he’s performing somebody else’s responsibility?”


Source: Edwin Jamora

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