Look: ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’ ad with ‘kurot’ in the heart earns praise in social media

The Duterte admin has decided to retain the “Its’More Fun in the Philippines” DOT slogan of Pnoy to entice foreign visitors, but with a little twist.

In the video campaign ad during the Pnoy government, the message was focused on highlighting the fun that the tourist experiences during a visit to the Philippines.

However, the Duterte administration wants to raise the bar a notch higher by stressing that foreigners are welcome to country like they are part of one big happy family.

In the video ad campaign shared by DOT undersecretary Kat de Castro for the Office of Public Affairs, Communications and Special Projects (OPACSP), the message that the video wants to convey to tourist is that they are not merely a ‘walking dollar sign’ but part of the Filipino family.

As of this writing, the video has garnered 12,247 shares, 20,000 reactions,  335 comments and more than half a million views on Facebook.

The netizens have nothing but praise for the new campaign of the Philippine tourism industry.

“Mahusay! Very touching ad. That is what Filipinos are. We are caring, loving and hospitable people. We consider our guests not just a visitor but a family. Bravo DOT for highlighting this Filipino culture that we have,” Mark Francis Mercado remarked.

“Wow! Sapul sa puso! Great job Ms. Kat! Should be shared by all Filipinos!” Ritchie Abaya Magadia wrote.

“Awesome! I have shared this with my friends on my wall. Thank you for this wonderful video that really uplifts Filipino culture. I must say a great advert about us,” Maria Mercedes wrote.

“Was a bit skeptical at the start of the video seeing another ‘foreigner’ (really, again?) starring in a Philippine DOT ad but I was won over and I truly appreciated the genuine message of the video as well as the highlight given to that Filipino traits of always being selfless, freely giving, being hospitable and the treatment of everyone as their own,” Barry Dennis Duremdes expressed skeptical in the beginning but eventually won over by the touching video . “In short, PANALO TO!”

  Good job Ms. Kat De Castro and team, this truly makes us proud!

Menawhile, in 2015, the Philippines ranked last in terms of tourist arrivals among the 14 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

China ranked first with 56.89 million visitors while Thailand ranked second, the highest in the ASEAN region with 29.88 million foreign visitors.

Tiny Macau even beat the Philippines in attracting visitors at 14.31 million, putting them at 6th place behind 5th placer Japan. [Statista.com]

In 2015, the Philippines welcomed 5.36 million visitors, an improvement of more than 500,000 visitors from the previous year.

Cognizant of the importance of tourist dollars to the Philippine economy, the Duterte administration hopes to attract 12 million foreign tourists by 2022.

No easy feat for a country beset with image problem due to peace and order issues in the past but knowing Duterte, whose forte is peace and order, things looking brighter for the Philippine tourism sector.

Video courtesy of Ms. Kat de castro


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