Look: Kristine Hermosa openly campaigns for Mayor Duterte in the social media for free

It’s official! Kristine Hermosa Sotto announced she is endorsing the tough-talking Mayor of Davao City for President for free.

Kristine Hermosa endorsing Duterte

In an Instagram post, Kristine Hermosa Sotto wrote that she is supporting Mayor Duterte for President and even used a hashtag that says, “CampaigningForDuterteforFree” among others.

The popular and beautiful actress open her post and I quote: “After decades of being robbed from all the things you could think of. It’s about time for us Filipinos to step up, be wiser and really have the heart for our country.” She continued writing and quote: ” WE NEED A LEADER WHO IS NOT AFRAID TO MAKE A CHANGE.” She even used ALL CAPS for emphasis.

She then shifted to Tagalog and wrote, “Sa loob ang matagal na problema. Kung tuwid ang mga leaders at pamamalakad sa loob, susunod ang pang labas. Kailangan natin ang mamuno na may integridad at puso para sa bansa. Hindi puro pangako at pang labas lang.” Rough translation: ( The problem is within. If the leaders are straight and those governing from within, the people will follow. We need leaders with integrity and a heart that beats for the nation. We don’t need promises and all for show.

The post by the popular actress and wife of Oyo Boy Sotto has garnered more than 2,000 like from instagram users an hour after she posted the comment.

The Duterte supporters thanked the actress for coming out in the open and endorsing the candidacy of Mayor Duterte. It is not clear though if the actress is endorsing the vice-presidential tandem of the Mayor.

As of this writing, there is no reaction from Oyo Boy Sotto, considering that the actress is the niece of Senator Tito Sotto by marriage, uncle of her husband.

Senator Tito Sotto is a staunch supporter of Mayor Duterte’s fiercest rival, Senator Grace Poe.

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