Look: Latest photos of landscaped Marawi temporary shelters wows social media, goes viral

Social media blogger Krizette Laureta Chu invites netizens to take a peek at the latest photos of the beautiful temporary Marawi shelters she posted online.

Obviously beaming with pride as Duterte delivered his promise to displaced Marawi residents to provide them with decent temporary shelters in a short possible time, Chu can’t help but compare the beautiful Marawi shelters to the over-priced and ugly temporary shelters built by the Pnoy administration for the Yolanda survivors in Leyte.

The photos has been a big hit on social media, drawing wows and praises for Duterte on social media, particularly on Facebook.

Krizette Chu writes:

Look at these beautiful, decent Marawi shelters! Beautiful, compared to the dump Aquino gave the Yolanda victims.

You can really see the difference! May pa landscaped frontage pa si Mayor! It looks like a studio apartment by a condo developer!

Contrast this with the poorly made coco wood made houses with no running water for Leyte. Iba talaga when your government gives you the respect and dignity you deserve.

Photos courtesy of Olive Tiu.

The Landscaped frontage of the Marawi temporary shelters wow social media.

Olive Tiu posed for the camera while visiting the temporary shelters in Marawi City.

Living room of the Marawi temporary shelter.

Olive Tiu sits at the comfy sofa.

Let’s round up the comments on social media in reaction to the photos of the Marawi temporary shelters.

Ethel Pineda:

That’s what you get when you have a president who knows how to govern.

Dante Velasquez:

Ang disente tignan ng temp shelter ni PRRD para ka lng bakasyunista.. Comportable na May peace of mind kpa.

Laiza Hilado:

It is cute! It is like those tiny house that are on HGTV which I would like to have one for retirement. Please plant trees nearby.

Johnas Galanida:

This has got to be the most beautiful and livable temporary shelter I have seen in the Philippines.

Rona Puche:

It really shows how Tatay Digong so love his people and so I do love him even more 👊😘💗

Meanwhile, some netizens can’t help but take a swipe at the Pnoy administration.

Clinton John Mamugay Minglana:

Yolanda’s victims can’t relate, sadly.

Raul Blase:

Hoi Benigno silayan mo ang mga shelter sa Marawi para nmn matauhan ka.

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