Look! Leni-Kiko caravan in Isabela vs 10,000 people in rally makes netizens question local media, Robredo camp claim Solid North showing cracks

According to Inquirer report, the crowd who attended Leni-Kiko rally is smaller compared to the previous rallies (Cavite, Batangas, Bacolod) but 10,000 people could signal cracks in the so-called Solid North.

While it is true that attracting 10,000 people to your campaign rally in the so-called Solid North is already an achievement considering that the Solid North has been there for the Marcoses for decades, this video of Leni’s caravan in Isabela captured using a mobile phone by a certain Rommel Andres tells a different story.

In the video below, it is clear as daylight that the people from Isabela simply did care about Leni-Kiko’s caravan as they go on with their lives while Leni can be seen waving to the few people by the roadside. Compare this to the 10,000 crowd who attended as per drone shot and report of Inquirer of the Leni-Kiko tandem campaign rally in Isabela, things do not add up.

Netizens who’ve watched his video of Leni in Isabela reacted by hitting the laugh emoji 5,900 times out of the 6,100 reactions.

Netizens tried to outdo other in the comment section who will come up with the wittiest remark to describe video.

grabe mga tao nagkakagulo sila, commented netizen #1 in a sarcastic tone.

wag po kayo magtulakan.. lahat po makakakamay k nanay ✌️, netizen #2 told bystanders to avoid pushing each other because everyone will have the chance to shake Robredo’s hand.

Un wlang tao sa caravan, pagdating sa rally meron, anyare?😂😂 Netizen #3 asked.

yan talaga nangyari kanina sa victory Santiago 🤣🤣🤣 Netizen #4 swore this is what really happened in Santiago.

Reality on the ground 🤩 Netizen #5 said.

Yan ang katotohanan walang my paki kapag wala dala artista at palibreng konsert, chimed in netizen #6.

To which another netizen replied: tama..if my artista free entrance dumogin ng tao 🤪🤣

Let us end the blog post by leaving this comment from a netizen who said videos like this made him asked why the large crowds in Leni-Kiko campaign rallies do not reflect in their caravans.

Kaya mapapaisip ka tlga eh noh….hindi ngreregister sa caravan nila ung dami ng tao sa rally ehh…It doesn’t need to be true…It just has to look like it…pra daw may RESIBO pag nagsmartmagic?

Here’s another video of the Leni-Kiko caravan in Isabela. In fairness, the people gave the tandem a warmer welcome compared to the video posted by Rommel Andres.

@iamrosegrace17 SANTIAGO CITY isabela. hahahaa Daming tao sa Concert pero nilalangaw sa caravan.😆😆😆 niloloko nyo srili nyo na mrmi supporters kuno#bbmfor2022president🇵🇭 #lenirobredo #BBM #LENI #bbmsarah2022 ♬ original sound – Hershell


Source: Rommel Andres

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