Look! Leni Robredo-Tito Sotto, not Leni-Kiko in sample ballots distributed in Samar?

A photo of a sample ballot posted by TraveLife Magazine publisher Christine Cunanan on Facebook is making some buzz in the internet.

In the sample ballot shared by Cunanan, Leni Robredo is the preferred President pushed by local politicians in Northern Samar.

But what caught the attention of Cunanan was that Kiko Pangilinan has been dropped as Leni’s tandem and replaced by Senator Sotto.

Cunanan was puzzled why Kiko was dropped in favor of Sotto when both have nil possibility of winning. Her theory was, Sotto wants to be head of the new opposition under the BBM presidency.

Cunanan stated that she got the photo from Ramon Ortoll, owner of the The BuriedLead.blog.

Here are some of the comments of netizens.

One netizen quickly brushed aside the authenticity of the photo, saying anyone can find a sample ballot and take a photo of it and planted the money to make it appear vote buying is going in that part of the Philippines.

though hirap din paniwalaan yan. dahil any random person can find a sample ballot and picture it with a random item and make it appear that the random item is a bribe. we are too sophisticated and too intellectual to believe this bs din kasi.

To which Christine Cunanan replied: Hope I’m not stupid enough to just post random photos from sources I am not sure of either…

A second netizen can’t help but noticed that entire Kakampink senate slate has been left out except Gordon by the Kakampinks in Samar.

Whoever printed that seems to have left out the entire pink slate of senators ex dick Gordon

A third essentially described the political backstabbing in one sentence.

Laglagan na!

A fourth said this is not the idea of Leni-Kiko camp but the local politicians by noting the hodge-podge collection of senators in the sample ballot.

Looks like a locally endorsed slate given the senate list as well coming from different parties

Sample ballots along with money are reportedly being distributed in Samar by pink groups.

Aside from the money, the most interesting thing here is that they’ve replaced Kiko with Tito Sotto as VP at the last minute even if neither has a chance against Sara.

I wonder why, considering the zero victory possibility for either. One theory is that Tito Sotto wants to be head of the new opposition, even if he’s pretty good friends with BBM apparently.

PS: These photos are courtesy of Ramon Ortoll who writes the very objective and accurate TheBuriedLead.blog which everyone should include in their political reading list.

Photos from Ramon Ortoll.


Source: Christine Cunanan

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