Look: Malacanang releases video of Pres. Duterte to end rumor he’s gravely-ill, critics have new demand to end rumor. Find out what!

Not satisfied with the photos released by Malacanang to quell speculation about the President’s health, critics want a video of the President.

To silence the critics, Malacanang released a video of the President disembarking from a chopper, saluting and walking to shake hands with an military officer.

Veteran journalist Inday Espina-Varona shared the video from RTVM on her Facebook timeline and wrote a caption that reads:

May video naman.

Gumagalaw naman ng maayos. He’s not doing jumping jacks, but both arms moving (left patting pockets or something); both working enough for balance while getting off chopper.

Rule out stroke or some such thing. That he has ailments is not new…. maybe a straightforward medical bulletin will work. Or heck, maybe, someone wants the rest of you jumping up and down.

If you think critics would stop the speculation after the video was released, that is not happening as shown in the comments in the Facebook post of Inday Espina-Varona.

Manny Bautista wrote: “He’s wobbly and lifting arm to salute is not snappy. Either his muscles are sore from extraneous physical activity or pain from a medical treatment.”

Emil Lunasco commented: “I really don’t understand why he would miss the Independence Day ceremonies and then be gone for days, and now his people are actively trying to hide him from the media. If everything is really fine then swirling rumors about his health are very easy to dispel – call for a live press conference.

You know, they can say give all kinds of reasons, but unless he makes a public appearance soon, it’s not going to add up. The rumors will keep going and they become truer as each day goes by.”

Edna Aquino said: “someone’s just playing a game and many are – my take since Day 01. Pang distract sa Marawi, etc.”

Dave Ryan Aguirre Buaron wrote: “I am one of the people who will throw a party when he pass away. In honor of those who were murdered under his administration.”

Video below.

Your thoughts, please!

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