Look: Mayor Aldong Parojinog’s election spiel, ‘Tuwid na Daan o Tuwid na Limang Daan’ draws negative reaction on social media

After the death of Mayor Aldon Parojinog of Ozamiz City, the netizens interest anything related to the man’s politics has been an all-time high.

The Facebook Page ‘Bisaya Pa More’ took the cue from here and search Facebook related to the slain Mayor of Ozamiz and voila! Bisaya Pa More just found an old and eye-popping Facebook post way back in 2013, wherein the Mayor wrote this line to win votes for the Liberal Party.

Anu ang pipiliim mo, Tuwid na Daan o Tuwid na Limang Daan? Make sense!

In another post, the Mayor told his constituents to wake up by casting their votes for the Liberal Party for change, and put it into heart that voting the wrong party means suffering for the people.

Mata na mga kaig soun mobutar kita da-lon nato ang tingog sa Liberal party para sa kausaban, ibutang sa kasing2 nga sayup nato pag botar magantos ang katawhan! Atung botaran Liberal Party vote wisely!

The post has been eliciting mixed reactions on social media but mostly, negative against the slain mayor.

Jury Ortega Famulagan commented: “Tuwad na ang katawan mo ngayon. Natapos na ang kasamaan nyo.”

Nhenskie Cordero remarked: “Hehehe LP votewisely ba sir?..c ispinido lng pla hntay m hehee”

Carlos Buragay said: “Greediness pays off!!! In a gruesome way!!!”

Keith Judilla commended the PNP: “Rest in peace or rest in satisfaction for all the ozamis people? You deserve peace ozamis city. Good job PNP”

Je Pacs wrote: “Ngayon anu na napala mo bossing..Nagtuwad ka na sa pinili mong tuwid na daan!!”

Your reaction?

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